Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bringing you up to speed...

More transitions for us as we moved from one apartment suite to another.  We were quite spoiled by an accommodating staff and found things to be somewhat different at the new apartment.  Not only were we given a different suite than was promised, Neil ended up changing the shower head to a hand held shower by himself since no one seemed to have the proper tools to do the job!  We also had to have Mike’s adjustable bed moved from one apartment to the other and the crew moving the bed broke a wire so the bed would not work!  Naturally this happened at 4:30 on Friday afternoon so nothing could be done until Monday morning.  Fortunately Neil is also an “electrician” as well as a “plumber” so he was able to remedy the problem before Mike went to bed.  Mike still hasn’t received some of his equipment including his custom wheelchair so we “patiently” await their arrival.  Emotions seem to run close to the surface and it’s sometimes difficult not to let them overwhelm us at times.

Mike is still unable to wear a shoe on the foot with skin grafting.  The pressure sore on his heel has healed(!) but there is one spot on the top of his foot that remains open.  It is small but simply refuses to close up which means we have to be so careful with transfers, showers, etc.  There is always the risk of infection and it is difficult to keep the foot protected.  This is one part of his recovery that has been frustratingly slow.

Having shared some of our struggles, I must also add some of the highlights.  Last week Grandpa took Mike out to explore the world of vehicle modifications! For the first time Mike seemed excited about getting a retrofit van and was eager to get started on the process.  Because of the wrong fax number, the motor vehicle branch had not received Mike’s medical report until today (even though it had been sent 3 times!) so we should be able to set up his road test very quickly.  Once Mike has passed the test, we’ll be on our way!  It could still take months for everything to come together but it will mean much more independence for Mike.

Last night I was reading in bed before going to sleep.  Mike came into the room, “hopped” onto the bed and we lay there talking just like we used to in the “olden” days.  And just like we used to, we eventually had to kick Mike out because our mornings start much earlier than his!  These are golden moments and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!


Anonymous said...

hello barkers,
what frustrations you have been having! keep scooping deep into His well of strength.

still praying for that foot of mikes,

C.Peters said...

Dear Brenda: your postings are much appreciated. Not a day goes by that I don't wonder how, and what, Mike is doing. Thank you for sharing the highs and the lows. We will continue to pray that his healing progresses and that each day becomes easier for all of you.
Cindy P.

Terri-Lynn said...

Hey family!

Just wanted to let you know I'm still praying for all of you, and especially for your foot Mike. I took a look at the map and I realized that you don't have anyone in Asia praying for you yet...so I added my family!!!

Well, it's happened - my brother is in England, I'm here in Canada, and the rest of my family is in Malaysia. We've been "placed" all over the world but we're near to each other in Christ (and with skype...hahaha).

I really can't wait to see all of you again this weekend. As Thanksgiving approaches may your hearts truly be thankful for all of God's provision in your lives over the past months!


Anonymous said...

Hola Barkers,

It's great to hear that mike will be able to drive soon! I'm still praying for all of you, Britney H

Anonymous said...

Hi mike and Barkers, i am glad to hear that you mike are still the same old mike. i am glad that you are getting ready to have a vehicel and take your test. i wish you all the luck in the world and keep us posted, have agreat thanksgiving Barker family


Anonymous said...

Hello sorry it has been so long, but I do check the blog often and my prayers are always with you all.
Brenda & Neil if only our children knew how little it takes of them to make our days. We are all truly blessed to be parents, (the most difficult job in the world but definatley the most rewarding.
Mike so nice to hear you are getting out more and meeting each challenge head on. You are an inspiration to all of us. Looking forward to seeing you soon Still praying

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the continual updates - do pray for you often and it helps to get up-to-date info. KNow life gets tough trying to settle into new routines - and it is a blessing knowing you are savoring the "highs" as well as the "lows"
luv & prayers June

Anonymous said...

Hi MIke and family,

I am glad to hear that you are doing so well with a few hiccups but I thinl in general there are more ups and downs. I was so sorry to hear that your dog diedm and I was wondering how lng it will be until you move into your house. I have 5 week Golden Retriever puppies right now and they are a joy to watch and cuddle with. I was wondering if I could give one to you so that you can have this joy. I could send some pictures if I can get your e-mail address. We haev been watching this website for a long time and have been with you through your amazing progress. Keep it up and don't loose heart!

Gitte and family
e-mail address: gitte@telusplanet.net

Candace said...

Hey Everyone!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! I think its awesome you can all celebrate Thanksgiving together outside of the hospital now that Mike is out!

I can't imagine the struggles, frustrations and adjustments you all are going through! I know when I get overwhelmed it's easy for me to forget that they do in fact have a purpose. I thought this might be a little encourging...

"We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they are good for us - they help us learn to endure."
- ROMANS 5:3

Take care and east plenty of turkey!

Anonymous said...


Happy Thanksgiving (for the Barkers and other Canadian friends) and Happy Columbus Day (for Americans. Actually, who cares about Columbus when you don't get a day off of school??) Hope everything is going well, and that Mike's foot is healing.

Britney h

Anonymous said...

Hi Barkers,

Haven't checked the blog for awhile, but much encouraged by the news. Keep up the good work, Mike and family!

I've always wondered what it would be like to drive a vehicle without having all the usual physical abilities. Let us know, eh?!

Keep looking to God!
Andrew Siebert

Anonymous said...

I sure hope everything works out. It sounds like you have had a pretty trying time. Take care Terry Hannan

Tyler F. Williams said...

You are still in my prayers. I hope the foot heals up soon.