Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Good News

Looks like it’s possible to put an elevator in the house where Mike will come in at ground level in the garage and will be able to go up to the main floor or down to the basement where his room will be.  This is more expensive but will eliminate the necessity of a porch lift in the garage.  We can modify the bathroom downstairs so that it will have a wheel-in shower and other wheelchair friendly adaptations.  This is good news!

Mike had his driver’s evaluation yesterday.  It consisted of an hour or so of written work and then he went out driving.  It didn’t take him long to figure out the hand controls so with a few more times driving, he should be able to take his driver’s test.  Because the goal is independence, he will probably need a van that will allow him to wheel or lift into the vehicle.  He can transfer to a car but he needs assistance and for going to school, he will want to be able to drive himself.  The vehicle must be custom fit to his wheelchair so, although he has already chosen his manual chair, Mike will have to decide on his power-chair.  It was gratifying to see Mike conquer another “first” – more good news!

This weekend we plan to move into the apartment.  It is a furnished suite so we don’t have to worry about furniture but since Matt is still living at the house in Edmonton for now, we will probably be back and forth for some time. There will be many transitions for the next while but for now we’re concentrating on the long weekend coming up.  Mike considers that excellent news!

Only 20 more days until discharge – best news of all!


Anonymous said...

thats really cool. quite a blessing. is micheal going to attend school this semester? sry i was just wondering. good luick and Gods blessing on ur future :) :)

Anonymous said...

THATS AWESOME! So glad to hear that you guys are adjusting so well! It will be nice to live in your own space with no nasty hospital food and small TVs! It is so encouraging to see you all sticking so close together through this. Your entire family is truly an inspiration to those around you everyday! Take care...God Bless!

Anonymous said...

20 more days! the thought of that made me smile & cry. I'm so glad that hear again and again and again how our FATHER is taking care of all of your needs. God absolutely rocks. I love watching / hearing how y'all are trusting Him.

Lotsa love,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! God is so good! I'm totally excited that the elevator is going to work (personally, I love my room in the basement- a little underground oasis). And only 20 days till discharge! My jaw just about hit the floor when I read/saw that!!!!!! I thought you had until October! Again, God is sooooo good! :) :) :) :) :)

Britney (Michigan) :)