Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What Mike does during the day...

  • Mike has to be up, have had breakfast, finished his personal care and in his chair ready for PT at 10 am.  Today he was on time!!!  Never the morning person, he isn’t always his cheerful self when I arrive in the morning.  I think he misses his Dad singing “Good morning to you…”

  • He’s been doing stretching, arm strengthening and transfers in PT.  Today he took the wheelchair outside and practiced doing curbs.  Once a week he works specifically on wheelchair skills.

  • Twice a week there are teaching classes about pressures sores, bladder and bowel routine, etc.  I wouldn’t be surprised if 15 years ago, people at Glenrose with SCI (spinal cord injury) saw exactly the same video that we saw today! Could be time to update the presentation.  Hmmm…

  • Nurses still change the dressings on his burns every day.  If they haven’t had time to do that first thing in the morning, it is usually done as soon as he gets back from PT.  If possible, he still tries to squeeze in a nap!

  • First thing in the afternoon is Mike’s hand class where he works on strengthening and exercising his hands.  Though they don’t work the way they used to, his hands are definitely getting stronger. (Helena, Mary and Kerstin – you would be impressed!)

  • Once a week, Michael meets with a psychologist, a social worker and a recreational director.

  • Finally, Mike goes to OT where he has been working on dressing himself and transferring to different surfaces i.e. various beds, cars, shower benches, etc.

  • In true Mike fashion, he seems to build a unique connection with many of his therapists and nurses.  Today the “cleaning lady” came in and gave him a back rub!  How he manages this, I’m not quite sure but I love to watch it!  This week, during our session with the psychologist, she talked about his positive attitude and his willingness to accept this next “page” in his life.  He is going to have quite the “story” when he’s done!


AndreaJ said...

Good Morning Mike!!!

I knew it!! I knew you would be charming your way into the hearts of those lucky ladies!

It's so totally wonderful to hear that you're having so much fun - and still able to sneak in naps. You continue to make proud.

God Bless.
Andrea Evans

Anonymous said...

Mike, your amazing attitude brings me to tears!!!

How great is God! He is taking this tough time in your life, and using it to reach others through you! It seems you are touching so many people with your demeanor, good for you!! You may not realize it, but you are being the absolute best witness that could ever be!!!

Love you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey guys, so good to hear some more news. So sorry we haven't been up to see you for a while, but I know your days are busy, and right now our evenings seem to be. We are starting to redo Grandma's back yard, and it is going so slow. We are rebuilding 2/3 of her fence, and building a new low deck in the back yard (basically replacing her cement blocks with pressure treated wood, and resizing it)...it will be a little more square rather than retangular. We also cleaned out her garage. In the meantime we are also trying to buy another house to remodel, so everything seems like it is going in slow motion, because you spend a little bit of time on everything, instead of a lot of time on one thing, so nothing seems to get done. But we are still thinking about you a lot, and praying for you all, house, therapy, healing, burns, everything. May God still give you grace, and strength for each day. We love you all so much and are so proud to say we are family. It is truly an honor. Take care. Love Ora & Dave

Anonymous said...

hey bud it was great to see ya this weekend... glad to see u still in high spirits... keep it up man...
love ya bro

Julie-Anne said...

Your life sounds so exciting and intense. I mean, I get up and go to work every other day or so and other then church that tends to be all I do. But you, you constantly have somethings to do and people to be with. Way to keep up to hard work Mike. And way to be so positive about things. You really are an encouragement.
Keep truckin' and God Bless,


Juli Knofler said...

Hey Mike,
It sounds like you are a busy person these days. Glad to hear you are making great progress though! Keep up the good work.
Love, Juli

Anonymous said...

hey mike,

Man, they keep you busy. almost makes me wish I had that many things to do (summer boredom, watch out!!) Gotta love those ancient teaching videos, ha! Once had a teacher who had us watch two or three of those any time we had a sub. Congrats on the naps, definitely a plus with a busy schedule (had a funny thought--you flying down the Glenrose hallways saying "Out of my way!! I'm late for a nap!" Don't get any ideas now...) You have really been unbelievably upbeat, and never let that car accident slow you down. :) :) keep on smiling!! :) :)

Britz in MI

Anonymous said...

hey mike,

lucky you, all busy, but always happy. And always charming, apparently. :)

Britney in Michigan
(honestly, in what other state/prov. can you set the air conditioning on 80F and still hear it kick on??)

Anonymous said...

Hey there Micheal,

This is your "old" Grade six teacher, Mrs. Kohlman. I just thought I'd send my hellos, along with everyone else who has been following your progress. It took me hours to catch up on what you've gone through, and I want to say that I am so amazed at how you've managed to take one day at a time with good spirits. You were such a great kid to teach, even if you were the class clown... :) I remember you were the only one I've ever had that even I had to laugh along with. You were always so easy to get a long with, and you always had that little smile that could be mischevious. I want to Thank your family for creating this Blog to keep up with your accomplishments. I'm sure one day I'll see you on Oprah for something big you'll amaze us with. I also want to praise your Mother for being so strong and supportive. In each message, you can tell how devoted she is to everyone in her family. As I am now a Mother, I hope to be just as strong through the tough times that may be in our future. I wish you the very best, Micheal, and along with so many other people, you are in my thoughts. I have some great photos of your in Grade Six with some of your old classmates. I'd love to be able to email them to you one day. Take Care...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
I have heard that you are whupping strong men in arm wrestling!! There are some cousins itching to take their turn at beating the odds! It is good to read what is happening in your day. We look forward to seeing you - planning to be back in September - will talk soon about the details. meantime, God continue with you, and picking up on Britney's concern, please don't run anyone down in the halls!
Aunt Mary

David said...

Hey Mike!

Good to see that you're still working hard. Just remember that even though one page of life is done, you're only starting your book, and the best is yet to come!

nancy fish said...

It is always great to hear about 'you' Mike. Thanks to everyone for keeping the blog updated so well - it is a daily view! With love to you...

Scott - a designer? said...

thats great news mike.. i'm glad your feeling up to this task. Good luck and I'll see you soon.

Anonymous said...


I had a fun time with you on Sunday...it was nice to finally meet you. I'm glad you approve ~~ hahaha! Keep being your cheery self. I'm sure you're a breath of fresh air to the Glenrose!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Thought I'd pass on a good laugh about Max and his porcupine. When my little sis saw Max's pic from the blog, she definitely thought he looked adventurous, or like a dog who would sniff out trouble. I told her about Max being friendly with the porcupine, and she immediately asked, "Was the porcupine friendly back??" I told her I don't think so : ): )
Just 4 laughs,

Anonymous said...

Hey mike,

hang in there and keep on going strong!!


Anonymous said...

Mike, you and your family are still in my daily prayers. Wonderful to hear all the progress you have made - keep it going. Hope you're able to keep more food down now and build up your muscles(massages --- and naps help too!)
luv and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey mike,

Your still totally awesome, (not trying to feed your ego..lol) hope your week is going well.

Always in my prayers,

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike,

Good Morning! Hope youre doing well and impressing everyone more and more. Here's a few scriptures:

The joy of the Lord makes you strong. -Nehemiah 8:10d

The Lord is the one who keeps you safe. So let the Most High God be like a home to you. Psalm 91:9

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Don't lean on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

The Lord watches over the lives of those who are godly. Psalm 1:6

God is able to do far more than we could ever ask for or imagine. He does everything by his power that is working within us. Ephesians 3:20

God Bless,