Friday, July 28, 2006


Thanks for all the comments about Max.  He was definitely “one-of-a-kind” and though Mike will miss him, he hasn’t let it get him down.  We’ve laughed lots about Max’s antics.  Even though he was small in size, I’m sure he thought of himself as big, strong and invincible.   He’s had a leg amputated, been hit by a truck, gotten lost a few times, tried to make friends with a porcupine and even been attacked by a Rottweiler.  Mind you, that doesn’t scratch the surface of the things Michael has tried or encountered in his life so the two had much in common!  

Mike continues to progress.  He has a new roommate and though Ron’s injury level is similar to Mike’s, it is much earlier in his rehab.  It’s easy to forget how far along Mike has come.  Some mornings have still been a bit “slow” but his afternoons and evenings show steady improvement.  Mike has never been a morning person so it’s not surprising that he struggles with the rush to go through his morning routine.  It’s just another reminder that Mike is still Mike and some things never change.  Thankfully!


l said...

Definite similarities! You have come a long way M-Dawg - be proud. Hopefully your determination and persevearance will provide strength and encouragement for your new roomate.

Take care of you all,


Anonymous said...

Have not checked in on you all for sometime now and am glad to read about all the progress and adventures that have been taking place. Keeping you {Mike} in our prayers for all of your needs. God always provides but not always the way we think.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike and Family
I love hearing about all the improvements that you are having to undertake. Keep strong, go forward and never look back. With your latest hair cut you look great. I am so sorry to hear about Max. And you happy to hear that you are doing so well. We love you down here in Lac La Biche. You are an inspiration to us all. Love Phylis

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

I just can't help but wonder how you can top Max's 'making friends with a porcupine.' lol. Dogs are a lot like us sometimes, and other times, I guess they're just super extreme. The dog across the street, Maggie, is partial to eating rocks and dirt, and gallops like a horse, even if she's not in knee-deep snow.
It's definitely nice to get back to the blog-- no tech. while on vacation has its downsides. At least I got in a fair amount of time in the sun and in the water.

Hang in there, and keep on encouraging everyone!!

Britney in MI

Anonymous said...

Hey mike,

Hope you're doing great today! Can't wait to hear of more adventures. I think it's great that you visit with the other people there and their families. There's nothing better than passing around a little encouragement right?

Don't have much to say today... I've been thinking about the group who went to Jamaica this week, with our church here in Detroit, including Steve. They should be flying home right about now. Praying for their safety and yours, as well as healing, encouragement, and strength.

Britz in MI

:) :) :)

Laurie McDonald said...

Hey Mike and Barkers.

Real sorry to hear about Max. River is going to be pretty sad when I tell her. She liked seeing him when she went for piano lessons. Hope you're feeling good, sounds like that icky feeling isn't hanging around so much any more.
Keep perservering with your rehab, it will continue to make all the difference for you and those around you Mike. Sorry I haven't wrote lately, when we were on holidays, the aircard service wasn't always the best.

Always thinking about you guys and praying.


Anonymous said...

Wow you all do a great job keeping us all updated. Again, sorry about Max! Glad that you are getting stronger Mike and keeping the food down. The haircut looks good and it must feel great to get out and about a bit more.

We will continue to keep you close in our hearts and in our prayers.
Keep up the great work!!

kathyberland said...

Hey Barker Family!
I'm sorry to hear about the passing of Max, he looked like he was a fiesty dog...what he lacked in size he made up in attitude, I'm sure! Someone once told me that people come into our lives in 3 purposes: a reason, a season, and a lifetime. The same can be said for pets. In the beginning there is some reason for their arrival, they stay with us for a season (time span can never be known), but their memories last a lifetime. Pets bring comfort and help heal a broken heart. They listen to our whining without judgement...but they probably just want treats out of the deal!
Mike, I continue to pray for your strength to increase, and your pesky nausea condition to subside. You continue to inspire me to be more thankful for the blessings in my life.
Brenda & Neil, I'm praying that your search for a new home comes at a time that is right for you. God always has a plan for us, sometimes we just get impatient. Just keep praying!!!
For our communities, for ourselves, and for each other, that we may accept the challenge placed before us today, and make LOVE our way of life.

PS: Oh yeah, I wanted to let you (and everyone reading) know that I have donated a 1 Hour Massage Therapy session to the silent auction for the big golf tournament in Mike's bid big, it's going towards a terrific cause!!!! Who doesn't want a massage?!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Hope you have a terrific day! Stay strong man.

Britney in MI