Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I wanted to clarify some comments I made on yesterday’s blog about money. Please understand that in no way are we asking for money. I meant only to express gratitude for those funds which have already been received. When we were approached about setting up a trust fund for Michael, we were already aware of various fund-raising activities that Mike’s friends had initiated. Having a trust fund seemed a logical decision. I was asked to put the information on the blog to make people aware since there had been inquiries about what to do with donations. I meant only to pass on that information.

Mike’s medical needs will be provided for and we are confident of his bright future. Yes, he will have costs over and above what WCB will cover and as parents we want Mike to be able to be independent. We also have the desire to be independent ourselves and not accept help so the subject of money is difficult. Most importantly, we want you to know that we are overwhelmed by your generosity and are deeply grateful. God has been teaching us much about giving and receiving through your kindness.

After talking to Mike’s social worker today, we are hoping that Mike will be able to leave Glenrose early in October. The biggest thing holding him back right now is his feeling nauseous but the new medication seems to be helping. We couldn’t find his “kidney bowl” to bring to PT this morning but fortunately he didn’t need it then, nor did he need it for the rest of the day! The staff is confident that as soon as this “stage” is over, Mike will progress by leaps and bounds. He can already transfer by himself and no longer has to use the lift to get himself into bed. Still haven’t managed that hair cut though….



Samar said...

hey mike
glad to hear that you are doing so well. my whole family is cheering you on, much like the rest of Lac La Biche. keep up the good work. love you


Julie-Anne said...


*And to Mike's Mom*
Don't worry, it didn't come across like you were asking readers for money. It sounded just the way you wanted it to: You were passing on your gratitude to those who have financially supported you and passing on information about the trust fund. So there is no need to worry. Thanks for taking the time to clarify though.

Oh and PLEASE don't cut his hair, it is beautiful. I mean if you have to then by all means the chop away. But if it is a matter of choice ... I think he should keep it. It looks good. ;)

Take Care of each other as God cares for you.

God BLess


Anonymous said...

hey mike and family,

Glad to hear all is going so well! [I loathe ants right about now...I really don't see why in the world God created them.] So, praying that God continues to heal and give hope.

Britney h

Anonymous said...

mike can transfer by himself!! i know a guy who can't and he's been paralyzed for like 5ish years now... amazing progress though! best of luck in the future!! God Bless you

Rieki said...

hey Mike,
congratulations on the progress your making!...its good to hear your doing so trying my best to check in and it seems every time i do you have already achieved something else...keep up the good work...its so nice to hear that you got to spend some time with both of your brothers!..and you got to go shopping while doing it...thats the ultimate!...forever in my prayers...
your number one fan
Rieki Scott

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Brenda, it didn't at all come across like you were asking for money.

I heard someone in town yesterday saying, "I want one of those Mike stickers; they're cool!"

Glad to hear Michael is able to transfer himself and be independent in that way.


kathyberland said...

I'm so happy to hear you had such a great weekend! I knew Steven could make things a lot of fun! Also, great to hear you've taken up retail like a charm for me! Shopping always puts a smile on my face...except if I'm in WEM on a Saturday...then I get a bit cranky [too busy in there on weekends!]

Anyways, I just wanted to say a quick hello, and note how happy I am to hear of your impressive progress @ the Glenrose. Just remember that you have MANY people praying for your healing! You've inspired SO many people...people you've never even met. Your faith proves to be very deep and it will get you through difficult times if you let it.

Question: Where can I get a green sticker? I'd love to do anything to show my support for you and your lovely family!

Always in my prayers!
Kathy Berland [soon to be Biollo]

Anonymous said...

Mike and family i am so glad to hear that you mike can do tranfers without any help and that is only the begining of your abilties. And to the rest of the family i know that you guys are a very humble family and that there is no thought i no ones mind that you would be asking for money at all. We are all just glad that help out in anyway that we can. so hang in there guys and keep up the good work mike.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike and Family: Haven't checked in on you for a few days, and its good to hear your making such good progress and charming your new nurses. I'm proudly displaying your awesome sticker on my car, and know that your friends must really love you for all the hard work they are doing to help out.
Always in my prayers.
Phyllis A. Lac La Biche

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike & Barker Family, Keeping you all in prayer. So happy to hear about all your improvements Mike. I am sure the visit from Steve was uplifting as well :) O.k. now someone tell me where us Michiganders can get some of those green stickers! I would love to have one and share with others your story of courage, strength and faith. Blessings, Judy H (Mich)

Anonymous said...

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