Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Today Mike did his first car transfer which means he can go out for short trips in the car. And he did it without throwing up! I learned how to take apart his wheelchair and I’m sure with practice I will be able to do it in lightening speed. Of course, just when I master this wheelchair, he will try out another, although I’m sure if I keep pushing levers and buttons, I’ll get it apart. Sometime next week Mike is hoping to try out a motorized wheelchair. Guess I shouldn’t attempt taking that one apart…

The doctor removed some of the dead tissue around Mike’s graft site this morning. Hopefully this will help to speed up the healing process. This procedure resulted in Mike missing his physio appointment but not surprisingly, he didn’t seem all that disappointed! Mike was able to shower both Saturday and Sunday in order to wash off his graft sites. This was a treat considering that patients are only scheduled for two showers a week until they can shower themselves. (Little do they know that Mike would have extremely long showers at home until all the hot water was gone. Leaving him to shower on his own could be problematic for the hospital!) Mike has an appointment with his plastic surgeon at the University Hospital on Wednesday so we’ll see what they have to say.

Mike was able to go onto the computer today. Though he can go on the internet on his phone, this was the first time he sat down at a computer since the accident. Needless to say, his fingers don’t work the way they used to and it will be an adjustment for him but it was good to see Mike at the computer keyboard.

Though Mike takes these “firsts” in stride, it never ceases to amaze me how positive he remains in spite of the fact that everything he does takes enormous effort. It really is inspiring!



Julie-Anne said...


Sounds like your having fun with all those "firsts". I know your going to have a blast the motorized wheelchairs. I have friend who has one and he totally rocks out on it. They are awesome. In them you can go just about anywhere. Literally. He often travels to Japan and such for missions and just to live there. You'll be just fine in it. Just remember not to go too fast of you'll leave all your friends breathless behind you trying to keep up. LOL
Peace out and keep going strong.


*P.S. Save some hot water for the other patience LOL* ;)

AndreaJ said...

Hey Mike,

Great work!! Good to hear that you are making some great progress - God is working in you each day.

Now, about these showers. Here's my thinking;
I, am also a lover of long, hot showers. I used to get in trouble when I lived with mom and dad at the farm, cause I would use all the hot water. But now, I live in an apartment building with like a hundred water heaters, I can shower for as long as I want. They never run out of hot water. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that a hospital probably has like a trillion water heaters - so you go ahead and stay in the shower as long as you like - I doubt they'll run out of water.

Keep up the strong effort Mike! You're an inspiration!

I'll continue praying for each of you.

God Bless,
Andrea Evans

Anonymous said...


Good to hear about the firsts, trying out the computer again, and successfully showering. hopefully the power wheelchair works out for ya!

In Prayers,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Hope you had a good day. Still praying like crazy.

C.Peters said...

Hi Mike and Family...once again, thank you for the updates. We are pleased to hear that you are becoming mobile so quickly Mike. You continue to be an inspiration for so many.
Max will be up for a visit soon, he wants you to know that he misses you....Cindy P.

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.