Thursday, July 20, 2006

Good Things About Today

Good things about today:
  1. The higher dose of medication seems to be helping and Mike felt much better.  He hasn’t thrown up for a number of days.  It seemed that we’d have a few steps forward and then a step back but this has been the longest stretch where Mike has tolerated longer times in the wheelchair.  

  2. Mike ate tons of food!  Though he hasn’t seemed to add much weight, he looks like he’s getting stronger.

  3. Mike’s getting faster at doing transfers.  He’s learned how to transfer to a number of different areas i.e. cars, hospital bed, regular bed, tub, etc. so now he’ll just perfect his skills!

  4. Mike mastered the power chair in 30 seconds (I guess video games do have a purpose!) but once he was out of my sight, he felt the need to verify the top speed.  Some things never change…

  5. Through Mike’s accidents we have recognized the strength of family, the support of friends and made some amazing new friends.  Thank you.

  6. Max (Mike’s dog) came for a visit.  One thing you have to say about Max and Mike – they are both resilient!  They may not look or do things the same as when they were “able-bodied” but they’re still both irresistible!


Anonymous said...

These good things about today are so wonderful to hear.!

SO wonderful!
it is great to hear good news like this.
max must have been excited to see you mike.
the support and love that I have seen for you mike, after your accident has been incredible.
it has been a very powerful witness and testimony.
and example of caring community, and family as well as compassion.
i pray and plead to God to shine his light into other situations of grief, and bring forgiveness and reconcilation in unbearable, (hopeless like) situations, i pray that there would be healing and the LOVE of a surrounding community, not anger, violence, fear, or other things that consume us in order to destroy good....instead let us be consumed by the desire to please God and see jesus and serve jesus by looking into the face of the suffering and sharing with them in community their joy in hope, and sorrow in pain.
to serve

these are my thoughts and prayers.

a friend of mine has been severely injured in a very cruel attack and very violent acts among my friends have been committed in retaliation.
this is all happening in my community among my friends. (i fear that this incredibly gruesome violence that is so hard to handle and imagine, will escalate among youth in my they believe they can do a better job than police of what they believe justice is.)

mike, and others please pray for healing in this situation here in east is full of hatred, anger, and pain.
and revenge is on so many people's minds, not love, mercy, forgiveness, reconcilation or even healing of themselves....just the deceptive satisfaction of physical revenge.

i pray that the grace of God work in the lives of those wound up in these occurences here in Vancouver as it has in the aftermath of the accident that hurt mike.

Once again i think the testimony of the support and community to mike shown through this blog is incredible and i am so thankful for it. praying that the same would occur here in vancouver.

with love and excitement about all these good things that have been talked about on this post.

cousin thomas

really i think it is so cool and so great that you are learning to do all these things and are still so much yourself (testing the speed of the wheelchair!)

AndreaJ said...

Morning Mike!

Haha SOOO glad to hear that you've been testing the 'top-speed' of the new wheelchair! It's really something that needed to be done.

Also glad to hear that Max was able to come for a visit - I'm sure you enjoyed it.

Take care Mike! Continue healing! Be strong in your faith and the rest shall fall into place.

God Bless!


Rieki said...

hey Mike
its nice to hear that you havent been vomitting lately...i continue to check in to update myself on your progress...everytime im amazed at how much farther you've come... my cousin just asked me to move in with her in pretty hesitant but it would be better than not doing anything... but i gotta get back to work...forever in my prayers
your number one fan
Rieki Scott

Anonymous said...

Yo Mike!

You are still in my prayers and it's so neat to see how far you've come. Don't give up -- keep pushing on!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

It’s awesome that the power wheelchair works for ‘ya (why would we ever doubt that it wouldn't?? More power to you!) God has yet again pulled through. I'll keep praying for the house hunting, too. God has recently been bringing two words to mind whenever I am praying for you: Peace and healing. Peace has really seemed like more to me than quietness, or no stress. Peace, is just a shorter way of saying 'I'm surrendering it all to you, God.' Our lives are for God to handle, He's already written the book, and knows what's going to happen today, tomorrow, and so on. I've prayed for healing; sometimes I just have this really good feeling that you'll walk again. (This looks crazy writing it out, but God can do anything, so why not walk?)

-Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. John W. Gardner

-Success usually comes to those too busy to be looking for it. Henry D. Thoreau

-Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying, when there SEEMED to be no hope at all. Dale Carnegie

-The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time. Abraham Lincoln

1 Chronicles 29:10-15
1 Chronicles 28:20a
1 Chronicles 22:13b
1 Chronicles 19:13
(I was starting to think 1 and 2 Chronicles were completely useless to relevant life, but I guess Ezra wanted to save the best for last)
Psalm 15
Psalm 5:11&12
Proverbs 19:21& 23: “You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail. Fear of the Lord gives life, security, and protection from harm.”
Proverbs 20:24: “how can we understand the road we travel? It is the Lord who directs our steps.”
Romans 6:11

Stay strong, and keep on getting better!!
Britney in MI

PS- Max is def. the cutest dog ever! :) *~<:)

Anonymous said...

go mike go!

Nancy fish said...

I'm glad you've made some amazing new friends! xo

Lana said...

Hey Mike...

It's AWSOME to hear about your accomplishments and the steps (big and small) that you are taking every day!!! It never ceases to amaze me at how good God is in the midst of all the bad.

Sooo.. now that you've tested out the top speed of your new wheels.. all that's left to do is get a new driver's tan??