Monday, September 11, 2006

Keeping You Posted

Thank you for your encouraging comments.  I even received some supportive phone calls (though getting ahold of me can be a challenge!).  Matt showed me this morning how many people view the site each week and I was humbled and amazed.  We feel blessed!

Only 8 more days to go!  Today Mike is having another session with the driving instructor and hopes to do his driver’s test at the end of this week.  He had no problems adjusting to the hand controls but part of it is being comfortable with the whole practice of driving after being in the hospital for so long.  It will still take months to get a vehicle but we should be able to start the process soon.  It will certainly bring much more independence to Mike because, at this point, he can only transfer to our car and must depend on us to be driven anywhere.  Once Mike builds up more upper body strength, he may be able to transfer to the van (the height of the seat makes it difficult for Mike to transfer) and that would mean we wouldn’t have to take apart his wheelchair each time.  We haven’t tried public transportation yet but we’ll attempt that adventure once Mike is discharged! Mike will still be getting a power chair and at that point it will be important that he has a vehicle that will accommodate both chairs.

Last week Mike and I watched the wheelchair rugby team practice at the Glenrose.  If you’ve ever seen the movie Murderball, you’ll know what I’m talking about. This is not a sport for the weak of heart!  Only quadriplegics are allowed to play and you are assigned a point depending on your hand function.  Only so many “points” are allowed on the court at one time so it becomes very strategic.  During a break in the game, the players came to meet Mike.  As soon as they found out that he was a quad, they no longer looked at his face but eagerly examined his hands and his hand function.  It was hilarious!  I was ignored and they enthusiastically tried to recruit him, although they did say that he should wait until a year after his injury to make sure that he was “stable” and they did mention that his doctor would probably not be happy about him playing at all.  Small matters when you love to play competitive sports and it was evident that these guys loved what they were doing!  

We went bed shopping on the weekend.  Mike will be getting an adjustable bed.  This will make night-time “caths” so much easier when he can raise the top of his bed. Though the bed was for Mike, Neil and I, as responsible parents, made sure we also tried out each one.  Needless to say, they were starting to look more and more attractive as the afternoon wore on and we may be fighting for the use of the bed once it’s delivered!

Thanks again for following this site.  I’ll keep you posted…


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Wow, I'm first to comment! Sweet. It's awesome to hear of all the stuff you've been shopping for. Enjoy your last few days at Glenrose!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Good Looking i hope you feeling better, well i was just poping in to say hi, and hows it going, wanting to see more pics of you, hope some new ones come out soon.....But ill see you around sometime, take care....

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike and family i apologize about not leaving more comments on the blog latley i have been really busy and i know that, it is not a good exucse lol. But i am very happy to hear that you; Mike are doing very well and everything is going good for you. I hope that you are adjusting well to your new enviorment. Take care buddy and hope to see ya soon.

luv ya sherraz

kathybiollo said...

Hello Barkers!!! Mike, you must be so excited to be leaving the hospital! I'm sure you've made some great friends along the way, but independence is probably looking really good by now. I don't know if you realize the number of people who have said prayers for you. People share your story with their friends and family and in turn those new people pray for you. You are really a sign of God's work in people. You have inspired so many to become more faithful and maybe less continue to inspire me to appreciate the little things in life. I'm so proud of you!!! I wish you nothing but good faith and the best of luck in all things you choose...possibly a comppetative sports hobby/career when you have full stability?! Keep pushing, keep working...God's work doesn't go unnoticed!

Kathy Biollo
[next week, my prayers for you will be coming from the Mayan Riviera in Mexico...finally get to go on my honeymoon!!!!]