Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Things are becoming normal

Life is actually starting to feel normal again. We have more of a routine and have been adventuring out to do more things. Some of the highlights over the last week…

  • Mike went out on Friday night with a friend. Though getting around is a little more complicated, some things never change. I’m sure it wouldn’t take you long to figure out which movie they went to see…
  • We had a mini reunion on the weekend while my brother and family were here from Vancouver. More people to witness Mike beating Grandpa at arm wrestling!
  • We went for retail therapy yesterday at West Edmonton Mall. Not only did Mike find some hoodies, I think I discovered how to get him to sleep at night instead of during the day – shop ‘til we drop!

Mike and I are definitely finding our way through the transition. Though it is hard for a morning person to be patient when the days seem to begin painfully slow, I am learning to let go of my schedule. It is obvious how much Mike is trying and how difficult it is to make his new “body” cooperate. He does this without complaint and without resentment. I was amazed at his character as I watched him recover in ICU, make progress in the University Hospital and then grow stronger and more confident at the Glenrose but seeing his attitude as he struggles through his daily tasks humbles me and makes me proud. Now if only I could get him to clean up his room…


Anonymous said...

To be able to follow your journey with you is truly amazing and inspiring.You have taught us about being selfless, genuine, vulnerable, and the spirit of the human soul.
Sure,there have been others. But not many have shared their intimate struggles and triumphs like you have.
This has been an inspirational blog to share with others needing a boost with their daily struggles. It gives them strength to carry on ,knowing if you can do it ,so can they!
Most of all,you have instilled that there definately is a higher power.
God bless and hugs to you all.
take care ,hang in and believe


Julie-Anne said...

YA!!! for reunions... AND AN EVEN BIGGER YA!!!!!!! for shopping with Mom. Hoodies are definately the way to go. Total comfort with a built-in hat (sorta). Keep oing strong Barker Family!!

And Mike, it wouldn't hurt to clean your room once, just to keep the parents happy. I mean I do it at least once a year. I find that to be an attainable goal for me. :) feel free to try that. The look on their face will be priceless. LOL


AndreaJ said...

Hello Barkers!!

Long time, no type... Had to get my sister married off, but now I am back to the land of the blogging! haha.

Great that you got to have a mini-reunion! We also enjoyed seeing some of your family at Lisa's wedding. Aunt Mary, Tom, Tay, and Mitch did some awesome worship music and Uncle Tim was a great MC at the reception. And as always, it was fabulous to see Grandma & Grandpa and get one of those famous bear-hugs! I hope they all passed on the hugs, prayers, and love that we sent them with.

Although I haven't been typing, I have been checking the blog almost daily and you are each in my prayers every night. You continue to inspire!

Blessings upon you and those you love! Thank you!

Andrea Evans

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on graduation Mike! I got an email for this website from an OT I work with...I thought it was pretty crazy and thought you might enjoy it.

Check out the website and click on “aaron fotheringham”. You will not be disappointed just watch till the end of the clip.


Sarah Booth

PS Brenda, I am really sorry if this gave Mike any ideas...

Anonymous said...

Glad you are finally home. Life has changed very drastically for all of you, but we know that you will make the best of it. Our year is going very well so far, hope it continues. Take care Terry Hannan Dale Franchuk

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Glad to hear that you're getting back to the "norm." I don't know about Canada, but Michigan is FREEZING cold. And the leaves everywhere...pretty, but who likes doing yard work? And Congrats on the retail therapy!! All you Barkers are still in my prayers.
Britney in MI

Anonymous said...

Hi mike i am so glad to hear that things are going great and are getting better as the days go by. I am also so happy to hear that you are going out and having fun like shopping lol. Well mike take care buddy i will be on another time to chat and say hi.

luv ya Sherraz