Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cream of the Crop

I think one of the reasons why Michael is doing so well is that he has the best physio and occupational therapists. Oh, I know there are many wonderful staff at the UofA hospital but somehow we seem to have the cream of the crop assigned to Mike. Mary (I promised I wouldn’t quote her again!), Kerstin and Helena work with Mike every week day helping him to transfer, balance and strengthen his muscles. Having seen Michael struggle to sit up 2 weeks after the accident, it is exciting to see him able to transfer himself to the wheelchair (still with help but it won’t be long before he will be able to do it alone). Certainly, his determination and hard work is paying off but it’s obvious that these ladies have a genuine fondness for Mike and want the best for him. They even put up with me every day and occasionally let me sit in the “rolling chair” if I’m not too annoying.

The same goes for Mike’s nurses. From those emotionally intense days in ICU to the now comfortable days on the ward, we have had incredible nurses. We have been encouraged, supported and tolerated (our family can be quite loopy at times) and we feel well cared for. They laugh at Mike’s jokes and put up with his teasing. The nurses generously allow me to help with Michael’s burn dressing changes knowing that it’s less about me being an assistant and much more about being able to wear the gloves! I’m sure they are all counting the days until we go to Glenrose…

Lest you think it’s all “fun and games”, there are many moments when the realities of dealing with SCI (spinal chord injury) hit hard. Imagine lying in bed, struggling to get comfortable and you can’t move your body. You feel claustrophobic and you can do nothing. Or imagine having something caught in your throat and you can’t cough more than a weak clearing of your throat. Imagine trying to sit up straight when you can’t feel your torso and your center of gravity is not where you think it should be. Try to imagine what it would be like to think about getting dressed by yourself, knowing that the task seems impossible. It’s not easy. It won’t be easy. But it’s not impossible. That much we can say with certainty!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mike...
How does it feel to be somebody's hero?

Anonymous said...

true 'dat... You are an inspiration to so so many :) With everything that has happended to you guys, you're just...indescribable. Not knowing you too well, and only for a while, im still so glad to have had that opportunity.
Love,me... GOD BLESS!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

You have some great people taking care of you and an awesome mom!! It's so cool to hear that you're doing better everyday, even inspite of the enduring times ahead. When I read that last part about the troubles of SCI, I sort of saw how much I take for granted, daily. All those simple things, like me typing right now (even with this sort of slowness--summer, I think), It's just hard to know you'll struggle. Grrrr, I wish I had more to say than I'm praying for you, and trying to accept that God knows what he's doing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
I cant belive I just heard about this today. Anyway, I'm glad that you are okay and I am praying for you.
You are a huge inspiration to everyone!!!

Tracey L.
(You probably dont know me...I was in Matt's ComTech class in 2001-02)

christy Ward said...

hey mike
what a blessing to have such awesome care and support from your nurses and physio therapists.
keep working those muscles-i bet u'll show all the boys up with those biceps

C.Peters said...

Hi Mike....Well, by now, Max has taken on all of the dogs in our neighbourhood. They run when they see him! It's good to hear that you continue to make progress, we think of you so often and wish you many occassions of laughter.
Love, Cindy P.

Anonymous said...

One can try to imagine what it would be like,but like adversities in life,we can't, unless "we have walked in anothers shoes."

Besides,Michael,your shoes are too big for most of us to fill!!!

However ,we can imagine you doing more than one ever thought possible.
We can imagine you being being someone grand in life that helps and touches the lives of many.

We can imagine the joy of the wind in your face when you cross the lake in a boat again,(you will because a lady who had little movement did last year on Beaver)yes it was awesome to see!, the glory of watching a sunset,the thrill of sleighing down a hill(you never know) We can imagine and believe.

We can imagine how hard you have and have to work and that what some say you can't do ,you'll try to do.
We can imagine if we all trained for your marathon in life,how much better we would be.We can imagine and believe.

Because of you,some will strive to do better,to become more spiritual, and to know how important the love and support of family and friends are.You and your family are truly an inspiration.
take care,hang on

Faye said...

Funny...loopy runs in the extended families.

Anonymous said...

Hey mike,

Praying that you're having a fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, day!!

Hang in there,

Britz *<:-)

Anonymous said...

hi mike

i am very happy for you in that you are doing very well and in good sprits and i am very glad that the nureses there are treating you well. I i know it is going to be some times ahead but just remmember that you have a lot of ppl in your corner and that we will be with ya every step of the way. keep up the good work buddy


Nancy Fish said...

You are not forgotten or far from my heart. PS Your "Mike" decal is really cool - even my Mom likes it! xo

kathyberland said...

Just a little prayer for you Mike:

Lord, You invite all who are burdened to come to You. Allow your healing hand to heal Mike. Touch his soul with Your compassion for others. Touch his heart with Your courage and infinite love for all. Touch his mind with Your wisdom, that his mouth may always proclaim Your praise. Teach him to reach out to You in need, and help him to lead others to You by his example. Most loving Heart of Jesus, bring him health in body and spirit that he may serve You with all his strength. Touch gently his life which You have created, now and forever.

Give us patience and steadfastness in adversity, strengthen our weakness, comfort us in trouble and distress, help us to fight: grant unto us that in true obedience and contention of mind we may give over our own wills unto thee our Father in all things, according to the example of thy beloved Son; that in adversity we grudge not, but offer up ourselves unto thee without contradiction. O give us a willing and cheerful mind, that we may be gladly suffer and bear all things for thy sake. Amen.

I hope you continue to enjoy the Fruit Loops and pray for a fun, fun, fun deserve them!!! Jello is also very comforting, and there's always room for j-e-l-l-o!!! :)
Kathy & Ryan

l said...

Hey M Dawg,

So are your shits becoming tights around the bicep/tricep area yet? Cause when that happens, its 'muscle mania' time!

Trying to grasp a tiny sense of what your mom described first made me think 'wow, you have to do that!?' then it shifted to 'wow, you can do that!'. You are learning to manipulate your body (although not initially by choice and more by 'situation') in such a unique way that it defines 'limitless' for me. You are defining your new normal, creating possibilities for yourself - that is empowerment!

Wishin you and the familty peaceful dreams,


l said...

Whoops!!! I meant SHIRTS!!!! not 'shits'... Although I am sure it served its purpose in the humor department.

Yup, my face it red.


Mrs. Shirley said...

You deserve all that good care and good humour Mike. Your loopy family is pretty easy to take too. When my Dad was hurt(double amputee in 1953) his good humour and nurse teasing at the U of A and the WCB stayed for at least 14 years.(I was on a 4H tour and was told he was 'famous') You may very well do the same! Hugs

Samar said...

Hey Mike
samar here, im glad to hear that you are now able to transfer from your bed to your chair, thats so awesome, im also happy to hear that you are doing so well and that the days are getting easier, its only a matter of time before you get a bed at Glenrose and they will be so happy to have you their, you'll entertain everyone im sure. keep on with the determination buddy its really inspiring. Love you Lots


Anonymous said...

Hey mike,

You've definitely got the best looking out for you, whether its neighbors, nurses, doctors, family, friends, everyone. I pray everyday for you and your family.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Someone should write you some more of those inspiring poems again hey?
Love, Ash