Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Mom's Update

Today was a relaxing day (although the hockey game was tense!). Though we had assumed that the plastic surgeon had only grafted Michael’s heel, it turns out he grafted all the areas that were burned. They took a huge “slice” from Mike’s thigh and grafted his shin, 40% of his foot and even between some of his toes! Most of the grafts are healing nicely but they are watching the 10% that is still “ify”.

Mike continues to feel nauseous while sitting up in the chair but we’re hoping this is a temporary thing. Because Mike rarely feels hungry, it is often a chore to get him to eat and it doesn’t help when he feels sick while sitting in the chair. He has lost a fair bit of weight so as any good mother, I nag him often about eating! Sadly, I think I’m doing a lot of sympathy eating right now. Not sure if that will help him put on the pounds or not!

It’s hard to believe Mike will be 19 on Monday! In spite of the fact that he will have many challenges ahead this year, I know he will come out on top.

Matt: On a side note, I know many people might like to wish Mike a Happy Birthday, but it is difficult for Mike to have a lot of visitors. It takes a lot out of him, and there is also limits with people coming in Mike's room. A card or comment on this blog is a great way to say Hi to Mike, and thank you to everyone who has done this so far. The encouragement has been phenomonal and we will let you know when Mike will be more able to receive lots of vistors. Thank you all for your prayers and support. God is doing some amazing things through and in Mike's life.


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon mike and family i am sorry i have not been writting lately my internet is not workin that great but today i got all caught up with the progess that you are doing and i am glad the the surgery went well and that you are in good spirts ( which you always are in any situation). and i like to wish you a early happy 19th birthday hottie lol 2 more years untill the big 21 and you are legal in all states lol keep on smiling and craking your jokes lol and dont forget to eat lol have a good day and a wonderful day tommorw.

sherraz Moghrabi

Adam, Susanna, and Baby Addison said...

We're praying for you guys. Mike, we are praying for you especially. Even though it is hard to see God's wisdom and grace in this, remember that He is still using you to reach and change the hearts of His people, some that you don't even know. You can't even see how God is using this, so hang in there and stay close to God.

When you're up to it, I'll come and beat you at Texas Hold'em! Let me know when you're ready to lose some money :)

Your brother in Christ,

l said...

This is going to sound silly but it is worth a try...

M Dawg, after a particular experience of over-indulgence with wine I found myself nauseous. Regardless of my messy state, I knew I needed to get food down me otherwise I would pay severely. Now trying to shovel food down in this state is only asking for a spot next to the toilet seat. In this case however, I distracted myself enough by focusing on the texture of the food. Although I still walked away from that night stamped 'Messy Wino', I woke up relatively alive. Let me know if the trick works for you.


Anonymous said...

Mike -
Happy 19th Birthday! You have an amazing future ahead of you and I know that God has big and wonderful things in store for you.

Andrew said...

Happy Birthday! I'm still praying for you and your family, that God will give strength and grace for each day.

Wanda said...

Happy Birthday Mike!!!!
Although I'm sure it is NOT the way you would choose to spend your birthday, I hope all the greetings and notes of love and encouragement will help to ease some of the pain. I'm too far away to do much, but perhaps someone will make you some of your favorite things to eat and we will all pray they stay down.
Have the best 19th you possibly can! Still praying,
Wanda Lawrence and Dezi

Rieki said...

hey Mike
Happy Sunday!!!...its good to hear that your doing ok...its awesome that your skin grafting is sure it will all work out with your gonna be 19 tomorrow...that makes you legal in B.C.!...i hope you have an amazing day...forever in my prayers
Your number one fan
Rieki Scott

C. Peters said...

Dear Barker Family: thank you so much for the continued updates. We think of Michael and pray daily that his strength, in all areas, will only get stronger. We appreciate the time you take to let us all know how he's doing.
Cindy Peters.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have an awesome day filled with....
........and a little more cake!!!
Even if your not hungry, you can NEVER say no to a good birthday cake!!! Take Care and continue to get better and be strong everyday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike!!!

Glad to hear you are doing well!! I am so proud of you and your progress!! I hope you have a very happy birthday! Welcome to the 19 club! woo hoo!!!! I will have to take you out when ur outta the hospital! Well enjoy YOUR day and keep on truckin'! Im still praying for you... and God is still going to work many miracles for you! Hope to see you soon!!


Mrs. Shirley said...

Hey Mike
Happy nineteen! Eat cake and high fat ice cream so you're Mom can stay slim! A balanced diet is cake and ice cream in both hands. (balanced :)). I bet your friends are already looking forward to your 20th so they can really party and bug you! This may well be the most challenging year of your life - hope you continue to find love and laughter as you learn how to be the best you can be. Lots of hugs from all of us - the B's

Anonymous said...

Hey man. I've been thinking about you every day since i herd about what happened and it makes me mad that this happened to such a good guy like you. Keep strong, your the kind of guy who can go through anything and still come out smiling. Happy 19th bud!! Best of wishes Adam Colosimo

Al and Eunice Harris said...

A little bird told us that you have a birthday today. We wish you the very best! Sorry to hear about the accident but I want you to know, we are praying for you daily, as is our church. Praying for a miracle!!
From your great Uncle and Aunt (that sounds ancient) haha, but I guess we are-------
Al and Eunice Harris

Terrena said...

happy early bday!!!! even though this wont be the best bday u have had, but hey atleast you will be legal in B.C. (if that even means anything)well ill be 19 on the 13th so im only a day behind. and dayna is gonna be 19 tommorrow too! well me and dayna pretty much celebrated for out bday and we had u in mind the whole time. i hope you have a great day tommorrow and im gonna be in eddy this weekend and ill stop by to tell ya happy bday. keep ur chin up and were all thinkin of you everyday.

Anonymous said...

Praying for Mike andfamily just asking Gods strength and protection, and healing. Happy Bday

Anonymous said...

With no way to wish you a happy birthday tomorrow, since im in the states, good thing for the internet. its your last year as a "teenager". HAPPY 1-9!!
Always in my prayers,Rashel
oh, and if you ever need someone to finish your food, I LOVE FOOD!

Anonymous said...

I was at a birthday celebration where your name came up. A few said they check your blog but do not know you ,but heard about you and your incredible family's perserverance during tough times.

Some tend to relate to their own obstacles in life with your blog's emotional details, although circumstances are different.
What I notice with most, who know of your circumstances,is awareness that life can change in an instant,the number of people it effects,the support needed,but most of all how faith in a higher being makes obstacles so much easier to overcome.
hugs and prayers for you all,
hang on ,Ms. Young

Samar said...

Hey mike
happy early birthday buddy. i hope your healing (burns) comes along better, and im praying for you buddy. and make sure you eat! i don't wanna hear that you've been losing weight, well don't worry im sure its not lost...actually im positive cause i think i may have found it!! LOL. anyways im praying my heart out pal! and hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

Hey,happy birthday,Mike.I hope you get to the glenrose soon.

Didn't go fishing today because of weather so just watched movies and helped out at lake.
Say hi to the family and let them know how much so many of us are thinking of you all. James

Anonymous said...

Happy 19th Mike!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 19th Mike
May all your wishes and dreams come true. I hope you have a wonderful day! Keep smiling. My prayers are still with you through your AMAZING revovery.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Michael, don't just celebrate this special day but celebrate life and the strength you have been given through God and all that you have accomplish so far. You are amazing.


Shawnene, Kyle and Kayla Lavalle

Don and Lynne said...

Happy Birthday Mike. God Bless you on your 19th birthday.
THe Bollingers

Darlene Poetker said...


Wishing you a Happy Birthday surrounded by the people you love and who love you most.

Still praying for you daily.

the Poetkers

C.Peters said...

Happy Birthday dear Michael
Happy Birthday to you..
We wish you a year ahead filled with love and laughter...
Cindy and Wally P.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Mii-iiike,
Happy Birthday to yoouuuuuuu!!!
(And many moooo-oorree!)

Rob,Joanne and Rebecca said...

We are celebrating at our house already!!! The decorations are almost up, the special food is being prepared, the presents are being wrapped and hidden with great excitement. You, and your family, are being thought of in all of this excitement.

I am sure this year will bring a bigger birthday celebration than you have ever had before, even though most of the people celebrating you will not be with you in person. We hope that this is a wonderful year for you. May God bless you with healing - body, heart, soul and mind. May He bring joy on the peaks and in the valleys and may His peace, and many friends, surround you always. Enjoy your cake!

Happy Birthday Mike. You are in our thoughts and prayers. The LLB Wickers Jr.

Rieki said...

hey Mike
Happy Birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to Mike happy birthday to you...happy 19th birthday Mike...hope you have a good day..i dont have any time to say anything i gotta get to school...forever in my prayers
your number one fan
Rieki scott

AndreaJ said...


Oh, to be 19 again. Haha. I hope you have a GREAT birthday Mike! I know God will bless you with many gifts today and I pray that one of them is a healthy appetite so you can enjoy some cake!

Still praying for you and your family.

God Bless,
Andrea Evans

Anonymous said...


A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY from everyone at the Northern Lights School Division office in Lac La Biche.

Do you know what an inspiration you are to so many?

Jackie Tkachuk

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you on Friday. The hug made my day. Terry Hannan

Anonymous said...

Mike you are the best. Dale Franchuk

Anonymous said...

May the Lord continue to bless you and give you strength each day.

Forget the cake see if you can get some Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream yum!

In Christ's Love, Judy H, MI
p.s. you are in our prayers daily, keep up the good work and attitude.

Anonymous said...

Hope this day is peaceful and full of love and happiness for you, and some cake that tastes good and some laughter throughout the day. Pray that you can look at your blessings around you and know that God is beside you each moment of every day, especially today. From your blog I know you are facing each day with Jesus as your strength and he's the best I've heard of so you're in good hands. Keep up the hard work and we will continue to pray for healing and for the endurance that you all as a family need. You're all such an encouragement to us and we love you so much.
Brenda, you are constantly on my heart and in my prayers. I hear you through your comments - thanks. I love you.
Love and Blessings - The Bekkers

Dorothea Copus said...

Happy Birthday Mike!

Brennen said...

Happy birthday Mike... i wish u the best in your recovery and always remember that God is behind u all the way man...
Hope to see ya soon

Julie-Anne said...


*~BIRTHDAY!~* :)

Have a great day!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey mike,

Happy nineteenth!! I second what my mom left earlier about cold stone ice-cream, Hopefully there's one in Canada, hold on a sec.....

Guess not, well, just eat tons and tons of ice-cream or just look at the Cold Stone ice-cream on line…I promise you’ll just have to eat something after seeing it!

Stay strong and hang in there!!


Anonymous said...

hey mike,

You are constantly in everyone's prayers down in MI, and we all wish you the best birthday you can possibly have (even if you're in a hospital) Have everyone bring you tons of food to celebrate (oh, and to help out your mom's worries lol)

Prayers always,


Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!!! It was good seeing you during our provincial track meet. Take Care. Hi to the family.

Anonymous said...

A Blessed Birthday, Mike. Today we think of how blessed we are to be able to celebrate you. You are a gift - today we are thankful for you.

The other day as I was walking down Commercial Drive, some police bikes (6 of them) drove by, and behind them was an athletic man wheeling an amazingly souped up wheelchair (threatening to pass the motorbikes), and behind him was a trailer with a big sign - Marathon of Hope. I stood there cheering and yelling, others joined in, and this athlete raised his arm in a victory sign. Then I cried, for it was you I saw, strong, determined, and running the race - I cheer you on. We cheer you on. We are amazed at the grace within you, and the strength being built up in your spirit, mind and body. Training is hard; weakness is the beginning of strength; the journey is not what we expected; but there is a great cloud of witnesses cheering you on. And victory is yours, for Christ has overcome.

Happy Birthday. We will eat cake here tonight - does that count in helping you? - and we stand with you with much love. Brenda, Neil, Steve, Matthew, Michael, the comforter be with you and sustain you,
Aunt Mary

Anonymous said...

Relaxing day with a tense hockey game? Funny, God, I have to say! These various people I know who are recovering from medical things seem to be having a lot of hockey-related stress! Ah, well, distraction is good!

Sounds like a pretty major grafting job; have Your hand on the "ify" areas, Father, and please let them heal well, with no infection to complicate matters.

No appetite? That must suck. Sustain him, please, as it's hard to get proper nutrition when food doesn't appeal to you, especially as Michael feels sick sitting up. Help him regain his appetite. Not too much, because if he can't be very active, he won't need to eat as much as he did before, but enough to keep his body well and healthy as he recovers.

19 years of life. Thank-You for granting Michael the gift of life, Lord. May he always remember what a gift it is, and be thankful that, even though the road will be long and hard, You allowed him to live through the accident. Thank-You that he still has his mind. I pray that during this next year he grow closer to You, learn to lean on You, and trust You more than he ever has before. And that others would see You in his life and, through watching him, come to know You.

~Psalm 6:9~

DaveKerwin said...

Happee Bifdeh mIke!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike.
you don't know me. haha I don't think anyways. I just wanted to pop you a little note to wish ya a happy birthday and GET BETTER! We're all thinking of ya!
Morgan Hrynyk.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,

A very happy 19th birthday to you! I received an e-mail from Apryl Jilene who I met several years ago here in Costa Rica. Since then, we have been in contact via e-mail. She asked us to pray for you here and we have been ever since. I have to say that it is very encouraging to see how you and your family have held strong to Jesus and to see His faithfulness to you.

I have not written to you yet because I was waiting for the "right" moment. I really enjoy celebrating birthdays because each one is God given. When I think of your life Mike, what has happened and the tremendous challenges God has set before you, I can only believe that God has great things for you and the enemy unsuccessfully has tried to defeat those plans.

My birthday prayer for you is that this truly be the best as you know without a shadow of a doubt that God IS with you and He IS using your life as an AWESOME testimony of His love to the world. 1 Corinthians 10:13 is a verse with promise that God will NEVER tempt you beyond what you can handle! He has been through it victoriously therefore you can also know that God is there with you!

God Bless You Mike! May your 19th birthday be filled with Christ in You which is the hope of Glory! God is ABLE to do exceedingly above and beyond ALL we can ask or believe!

CCM in Costa Rica is praying for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mike!

I hope you have a special day, and if you decide to eat anything may it be one HUGE piece of cake. Stay strong, you're still in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Happy birthday.We are thinking of you and hoping that you have a good day today!

Take Care,

Richard and Jena Parsons :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike
Ive been thinking about this day for a while, I know youd be upset with me if I didnt remember. Hope your day is going well and you better have some cake and a good b-day meal too (Im trying to help your mom make you eat lol). Ill check this again and cant wait to hear that you can take on more visitors cause Ill be coming that way to see you next time Im off work.
Sheera Jacknife

Allie said...


Me and my family are still praying for you constantly.
Your courage and determination is amazing and we hope your birthday will be an excellent day. :)

Tracey Krusz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!! All us Detroit area people send our best wishes and hope that your 19th birthday is a good one, despite everything. I really hate feeling nauseous so I will definitely be sending up petitions for that to go away---fast. I hope they didn't work you too hard today and gave you a chance to just chill. Brenda, I love your updates---thanks so much! You have a beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mike, Hope its Awesome


christy Ward said...

Happy 19th Birthday Mike!
Hope you got some kisses from the nursing staff!
Keep up your awesome attitude and keep working hard!
We are continuing to pray for you
Christy Ward

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Hope you have a good b-day and that you get some exceptionally good birthday cake.

I'm still praying for ya all the time.


Anonymous said...

Just in case no one has told you this yet, Michael...Happy Birthday! Enjoy your last year in the teens!


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy...happy birthday and best wishes ,hope your day treats you well and somehow a hot nurse comes and gives you a sponge bath as a special birthday wish...haha JK...

Happy Birthday man, take care


David B said...

What day is today?
It's Michael's birthday!
What a day for a birthday!
Let all eat some cake!
(And you smell like one too! Heh!!)


Anonymous said...

I would like you to know that I am praying for you and because of some forwarding so are about 12,000 Mary Kay Consultants that I keep in touch with.
I know you will be an even better man through this experience as I suffered a severe closed head injury about 2 years ago and am still working on walking. I had multiple injuries...jaw dislocated, head was leaning towards the left shoulder, left eye has been closed, 30% hearing loss and messed up some tendons in the leg causing casts and an A.F.O. as well as dislocated the hips.
I promise you it will get better!!! Keep the faith and even though it hurts keep pushing yourself in therapy as that is how you will regain the feelings. I regained feeling. Also know it is okay to be sad and to cry as this is a very emotional time for you and you are facing so many things you have only seen on television.
Just please remember that positive thinking means everything in recovery. I have been at Mayo Clinic and at U of M Hospital and that has been the saving grace of all of my days. Laughter is key!!! I used to make a joke about the weather report and hearing about a full moon and rolling over and mooning my nurses.
Happy Birthday and I hope it is the best Birthday ever!!! You will never be more thankful for your family and the little things in life as you will this Monday.

Sheri Strang

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mike
Live Love Laugh
The Daniels

Juli Knofler said...

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birrrrrrrrrrthday to Miiiike.
Happy Birthday to you.

If you couldn't tell that was all your family from Oregon wishing you a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mike!
Love, Juli

Anonymous said...

Mike, wishing you the very best on this 19th birthday. God Bless you in the coming year!
Stephan and Dreschalda

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Michael - I also celebrated my birthday on June 11 surrounded by the people that love me. Not only do our families inspire and support but so do friends and the people who take the time for that smile or greeting.
Happy 19th birthday!!!!

Mrs. Robb :)

sbooth said...

Happy Birthday Micheal
We celebrated Andrew's 15th birthday yesterday, June 12, and thought of you too. Wishing you much love. Hope the day was interesting and you continue to work hard. Andrew recieved a game cube with soccer and Mario Kart games. I'm sure that it will be good for you to practice hand eye coordination and strengthen your hand muscles. If you want a good laugh, we'll play a racing game because I am always moving the controller to turn even though I know it doesn't do anything. You'll probably beat me also. You and the family remain in our prayers. Take care. Shelly