Saturday, June 17, 2006


Mike has been doing better with physio (I think I'll try to spell it different every time) for the last couple of days. His therapist said she has felt bad working Mike so hard because he usually will go till he can't hold down his lunch. I'm actually impressed though. I'm glad he works as hard as he does because he so often talks his way out of pysio.

He has been eating more and actually ate sitting up for the first time ever. Chicken Cesar salad never tasted so good...right side up that is. Mike has also been dealing with nausea for the last number of weeks but we think we have found the solution! Yesterday he had a major craving for Fruit Loops. It took a while for Mom to find them but they did the trick. No more nausea! So if anyone knows Toucan Sam see if you can hook us up with a lifetime supply!


Anonymous said...

I find it so amazing how hard you continue to work in physio (so we here:))you've got something to keep you going,
*** praying for you every day...God Bless :)

Anonymous said...

Mike, there is no cereal like Fruit Loops my favorite too. So glad to hear you're feeling a bit better, there's nothing worse than looking at a wonderful meal and not knowing if you will be able to keep it down. Keep up the hard work in physio. Our thoughts & prayers are continuously with you and your family
Ken & Brenda

Kathy Berland said...

Hi Barker Family!!! It's upsetting to suddenly find out what has happened to your lovely Mike, but I know you're a very faithful family and will get through this. God tests us everyday but remember that he never gives us more than we can bear. You may question God's work, but he has a plan for all of us. Adversity is something to get over, and once you do it really shows how strong you are as a person and proves how much faith you have. [Just like the Oilers! Hahaha!] I wish you all the best and hope that God increases your strength and faith as a family. Mike, I know you probably don't really remember me but I used to spend a lot of time at your house hanging out with your big bro Steve, and for bible studies with the youth group. I sincerley wish you a speedy recovery and I send you a HUGE "Get Better" hug!!!! Brenda, I know you must be really stressed out, you know who to come to for a massage when you need one...that goes for the whole family. I will pray for you Mike, and your whole family. I know you've probably heard this a million times, but if there is absolutely anything I can do, please do not hesitate to ask!!! Just remember Matthew 7...ask and you shall receive. Best Wishes Always...Kathy Berland & Ryan Biollo [PS: Brenda, our wedding plans are going very well, I will have to update you when you come home]

Debbie K said...

So thrilled the naseau is passing. That is a real answer to prayer. We have fruit loops sent here as you can't buy them in England so understand why that would have made the difference! Great work on Physio. Still praying.
Debbie & Dale

C. Peters said...

Hi Mike...good to hear that fruit loops are agreeing with you, and to think I used to consider them candy....(grin)
Max says woof woof (more like yap yap,) which means "I'll be happy to share some of that cereal with you."
Your hard work is paying off Michael, you are truly an inspiration.
Love, Cindy P.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for fruit loops too, somedays I go out and buy a box and eat them just like that.
Have an Awesome day, eating fruit loops and continue working hard.
Jesus Loves you so much
God BLess

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike (and family)
I love that picture of your dog and you. I'm sure if they'd let your dog visit you frequently, you'd recover faster. Dogs have a way of understanding and caring some people don't even have. They are so loving and accepting. Forgiving. Animals provide healing. and so many other joys. I know, but I found out only late in life.
My 6 year old granddaughter loves Fruit Loops too. She doesn't get them at her home, so when she got them at grandma's house, she associated them as treats. I thought maybe her Mom didn't want her to have them. When she came the next time, she was so disappointed not to find Fruit Loops again. Her Mom said she could have them at my house.
We are so glad to hear how you are progressing. I remember those first weeks of working out at "Curves". It was and still is so hard, but worthwhile in the end. Keep at it. I'm praying yet that you'll get a miracle. (whatever God decides to send you will be just right.) Love to you.
Virgie Mueller

John Gordon said...

Hey Michael Glad your finaly working out you were always a bit skinny =) In reality though I'm so glad your putting that energy and emotions into getting better.I continue to think of you daily you and your family. Thanks Steve for your post today.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike..glad to hear the fruit loops did the trick. Maybe you should experiment with some other cereals. I'm sure Damien could check that out for you. I'ts always good to have inside contacts. Keep up the good work kiddo. we continue to lift you up..and don't forget how much you are loved...auntie JULENE

Anonymous said...

Michael,hope you had an opportunity to watch the oilers game tonight. Unbelievable,just like you!!!!!!
Love the pic of you and Max.By the way,I have a brother named Michael and your birthday is the same as my brother Stephen's.Just some trivial trivia!!!!
keep hanging on,keep finding laughter in your day,keep being you

love and prayers to you and family,

Tracey Krusz said...

Hey Steve, here in the States we call it "physical" therapy, so if you run out of ways to spell "physio" that will give you more options.(physikal? phizical?) Mike, I'm pretty sure Coco Puffs hve medicinal properies also--I'm glad the Froot Loops gave you a bit of relief.I don't know Toucan Sam, but he probably has a My Space since everyone does except me. All our thoughts and prayers are with you on this Sunday morning and I'm being a traitor and rooting for the oilers---Go Oilers!

Anonymous said...

We had four boys from Switzerland with us over Christmas and the only thing they wanted to take home with them from Canada was Fruit Loops..must be a man thing.
The Shewchuks

1 said...

Fruit Loops!!

Of course! The 'magic' cereal of childhood memories!

So M Dawg, what exactly does your physio entail? I'm imagining a training-nazi consistently utilizing her whistle while you fly through an arm obstacle of bars, ropes and platforms!?
If that's the case keep watching for the cuff around your upper arm sleve get tighter with the increase of your bulging muscles!

The picture of you and Max was adorable & I must comment on the stylish polo you were sporting. Whew, sweatheart.... always thinking about 'dressing to impress', eh!?

Much love and support to the wHoLE Barker clan,

kathyberland said...

Hey Mike, I just wanted to let you know that everyone back home at St. Catherine's Catholic Church is praying for your recovery. We all wish you well, and we hope to see you come home as soon as you can!!! Lots of love!!! Hope you have an ample supply of Fruit Loops! If you don't, just email me, I'll hook you up! Hope you enjoyed the Oilers game!

Kathy Berland & Ryan Biollo

Rieki said...

hey Mike
fruit loops eh?...thats my family too..we all like fruit loops except we never get any cause my little brother has them all eaten before any of us even know my mom bought so happy to hear how hard you are working in physio...its amazing...just like you...keep up the good work...forever in my prayers
your number one fan
Rieki Scott

Anonymous said...

Hey mike,

it's awesome that froot loops are good for nausea! Breakfast cereals rock!

Be strong and Courageous,

Britz in MI

Also, Steve said Saturday's game was awesome, so I'll try and catch part of tomorrow's game.

Laurie McDonald said...

Happy Father's Day Neil, Hi Mike and Barker family. I can't imagine how proud your Dad is today to have 3 great sons as he's got (and a great wife who helped bring them to him). I hope you guys have a great and blessed day. We love you and pray for you always.

From David, Laurie & kids

l said...

I second the Happy Father's Day!

Thanks for the tip about frut loops to M-Dawg, I'll have to try that one next 'messy wino' night.


Anonymous said...

mike and family

i am so gald to hear that mike you are doing so much better and now able to sit up and eat. And i will see what i can do to get you some of thoes magic Fruit Loops lol. take care buddy talk to ya soon

christy Ward said...

fruit loops rock! im glad they did the trick for you mike.
keep working hard!

Scott - a designer? said...

MMMMMM FRUITLOOPS, pretty much the greatest cereal ever invented. I hope you enjoy your fruitloops mike, looks like toucan sam is watchin over you. I wonder if the rabbit from Tricks is there too. Or maybe That little dude from lucky charms. All looking down from cereal heavan sayin "That boy could use something Magically Delicious"

Good Stuff

Mrs. Shirley said...

I am impressed by your friends knowledge of breakfast cereals! I am glad it works for you - sweet things, especially chocolate, have great powers over me too. I think kids make necklaces with fruitloops on a licorice string - add a few lucky charms and ... maybe you could do that in physio!?
Hugs to all of ya.

C.Peters said...

Hi Mike...just to let you know, when you get tired of Fruit Loops, you could try Frosted Flakes...they're least that's what Tony the Tiger says. Just want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers every day...Cindy P.

Rieki said...

hey mike...
so its about 5 minutes left in the second half of the oilers game...and we are down 2 nothing!
they being slaughtered!..hopefully they will pull through!
hope you have a good day!..forever in my prayers
your number one fan
Rieki Scott

Anonymous said...

Mike, you are such an amazing guy. I pray that every day you will be encouraged with what God is doing in your life. You have been a light to so many people and have encouraged others through this time. I know that God has amazing plans for you life and I'm excited to see his work though you.
Still praying...

Anonymous said...

Praying for you everyday!

praying for courage, bravery, strength, recovery, and dependence on God throughout it all.

Britz in MI

(heard about the Oilers losing last nite--they sooo should have won! Never even heard of that Carolina team, whatever)

Anonymous said...

So many people are falling for you mike... you know what i mean. Just like, your strength and sense of humour shining through everything thats happening to you. I know you pass me in almost every category, your faith, huge personality, your just one of those guys that make others want to be better. I just wanna say thank-you, for being micheal barker :)

Susan said...

Wow! Who knew that Fruit Loops were the answer. I love fruit loops as well.
Glad that you are finding ways to feel better and so glad that you have so much energy to put into your physio!
Did you see that hockey game Monday night? Yeah, well... we will say no more.
I'll write to the cereal company and see if they can send you a supply :) haha
Take care,
Susan Hawkes

Rieki said...

hey Mike
im just checkin in...hope your feeling ok...and finding other foods that dont make you nauseous!
(or however its spelled)...fruit loops might get kinda gross after a while! its my 18 birthday tomorrow!...look out i come!...take care...forever in my prayers
your number one fan
Rieki Scott