Thursday, June 01, 2006

Day by Day

Another day, and a step closer to recovery. Mike is working very hard at his own recovery. He has been working to absolute exhaustion during his physio, but the therapist have been very impressed with his abilities and his strength. He has said that it is difficult to learn to use new muscles to do what the rest of his body used to be able to do (like balance him as he sits...he now has to learn to only use his arms to keep him from tipping over). So please pray for his strength. This is all very tiring for him and difficult some days to look forward to.

While I was on the phone with him last night (he has transferred to a different ward and now has a phone) his voice was pretty scratchy. This is for two reasons: one being that he had a tube shoved down his throat during surgery that has scratched him up inside; two is because during his surgery they entered through the front of his neck, meaning they had to move his throat aside to get in. It is taking longer than we expected for his voice to return to normal. So please pray that that would return.

Mike has also had some change in his hearing. He had a base skull fracture from the accident which had caused some bleeding in his head. Most of that blood drained out of his right hear and mixed with the wax caused some major blockage. Last night something popped! He said it was pretty weird, but he had his hearing back (which had been completely lost in the last two weeks).

So there are lots of items to be praying about...and we will continue to take this a day at a time.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Its really good to hear your doing much better. Gods work is always good and he's with you every step through recovery. Keep on smiling!
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Michael and family,
I check this several times a day in case there's an update and I'm always struck by your strength and faith! Stay strong and know that you're all in my thoughts and prayers everyday!
Rona MacEachern

Rieki said...

hey Mike...
im happy to read that you are doing better... this site is just so helpful... i have a question for you... Do you like smarties?...i know its kinda an out there question...and i dont know how im going to get the answer...if you have are able to email me i left my email address in one of my previous dont have to answer it but it would be nice to hear from you...ill continue praying for your recovery...feel better..
Forever in my prayers
Rieki Scott

David b said...


Good to hear that you're getting better. You just keep on working and we'll all keep on praying!


P.S. - If you're watching the Clone High DVD, episodes 8 and 9 (I think) are mixed up. It should be the one with Ashley Angel from O-Town, the one with the storm, the raisin musical, and then the one where the clone dies. Hope that makes sence!

Anonymous said...

Hey family, Mike I was just wondering if there is anything that can or would make that Ward room in the hospital more interesting and bearable. I hear you have a DVD player but I imagaine you get pretty sick of watching T.V.a game perhaps?. Let me know if there is anything that we can do for you. My mom is up there regularly so let her know and It will be there for you ASAP. We love you and are praying for you!. Oh and I am very impressed how hard you are working at your physio.The strength that God gives you,your good attitude and your determination will help you greatly on your road to recovery. Remember we love you and hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
I love David B's comment - you work, we'll pray. I am with him on that one!! Go Mike, Go - we are right with you! Hey, I was just watching a upper body sculpting video. sounds like you would put us all behind on this one. (I know!! instead of watching, start doing,....) You are an inspiration!
Love you,
the Dickaus in Vancouver

christy Ward said...

hey again mike
awesome job on your physio improvments!
thats sweet that you got your hearing back in your right ear- must be like a whole new world was opened up.
keep working hard!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey mike,

You are doing so awesome! Hearing better, sitting up, talking after they shoved a tube down your throat... You have a strength like no other, definitely God given. Don't get discouraged when recoop. gets you down. Life is a roller coaster ride. I'm a hurdler on track, and the best two pieces of advice for hurdling apply to hurdling the struggles of every day life. One is, attack the hurdle. Don't studder step or freak out--you will get over the thing that is stuck in front of you (whether that be therapy, this ancient, thirty-one year-old wooden hurdle, or just our questions and doubts in God). Second is, don't focus on the hurdle in front of you. In track, we often remind ourselves that your body will just instinctively know what to do; trust yourself. The future may be distant (as in 300 meters distant, or full independence) but it's there. God has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us too, like the instincts to get over the hurdle. Nothing can stop you with God on your side!

In Christ,
Britney in MI

Anonymous said...

Hey mike and family

I am very pleased to hear that you are doing so much better and on the raod to recovery. and i am not shocked at all to hear that you have been working to absolute exhaustion bc i have never known you to do things half way. You are a very strong and caring person and i know that you will be out of there in now time. have a good one mike.


Anonymous said...

wow, praise the lord! It must be hard, but pretty amazing to see what you can do, that you never thought you could. You'll probably go everywhere and pass us all;)
God bless

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike and family. I am so encouraged to read all the encouragements you get. Wow - some amazingly wise people that you know. Good that I can cash in on the wisdom and encouragement aimed at you. Mike - I can tell you have great determination and strength - go for it - you have many cheerleaders and you get to do most of the work. Guess that's the way it's got to be but our prayers are your strength too. Here's something that I found encouraging today - hope you do too. Hebrews 4:14-16 That is why we have a great High Priest who has gone to heaven, Jesus the Son of God. Let us cling to him and never stop trusting him. This High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses, for he faced all of the same temptations we do, yet he did not sin. So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to hlep us when we need it.
Praying for you all. Love, Dorothy

Vonette said...

Hey Barkers,

I havnt seen you guys for a along time. But I heard about Mike and sad to heard it. I just want you to know that I'm praying for you, and so is my college bible study here at Prairie (theres like 10-15 of us). I appretiated your friendship as a kid and I truly hope that God heals Mike in amazing ways while giving you each incredible strength and peace each day.

In Christ,
Vonette Ruskowsky

Lauren Wells said...

Hey Mike!!
I'm so glad to hear that your getting better..all you need is time. Keep on are always in my prayers. God Bless

Love Lauren Wells

Anonymous said...

Praise God for the miracles... Hurrah, we are SO excited to hear about your hearing :) (Pun intended>...) Keep working hard and staying (and getting) strong :)

Scott - a designer? said...

Hey Mike, good to see your building up some muscle. By summers end you will probably be in better shape than me!! Everyone here is pullin for you man.


Jeremy Clevette said...

new ward
new nurses
alll right, giggiddy gigiddy

take it easy on them mike.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike! Glad to hear yer makin' good progress...not that there was any doubt.

Mike, He never gives us more than what He already knows we can handle and He knows you've got everything you need - within you and around you - to get through this.

You've been given a tough assignment...not only to battle through the day-to-day of recovery, but also to teach us and I don't know that there is anyone more able to do the job. You've got the heart, the head and the humour and the prayers of a whole lotta people who love you. And you already know He's right there to help you over the rough spots.

God bless you Mike!

Faye said...

Hey Mike,

I work at a pottery studio. Now, I know you're thinking, "pottery? wha?" but I just wanted you to know if you wanted something, I could paint you pretty much anything you liked on whatever we got. We got all kinds of dinnerware, mugs, weird things you wouldn't expect to find in a pottery studio, etc. So if you wanted a mug or something designed from your favorite tv show, or you know, with comments to the nurses written on the side, bible verses, cartoons, well, anything you can think of really I can paint. If you can think of something you want, it's yours. Just get Matt or Steve to email me, and I'll get Ora to bring it over when it's done.

Love ya Mike!
Faye Polson

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike, this is the first time I am sending in a comment but have been checking the site daily and sometimes more. More importantly I have been praying ever since I heard of your accident. You are a remarkable young man and God is using you and your whole family to reach others. Continue to trust Him and He will guide you and give you all that you need to endure. Although I believe you will conquer what's ahead of you! It will not be easy and there will be many tough days. You are not alone many, many, many people all over the country are with you.I will do my part and continue to lift you and your family up to the Lord. I am so happy to hear of your progess each day. Keep up the good work. In Christ's love, Judy H

Anonymous said...

It sounds like good progress Mike...I will be praying for your quick recovery and I know that God is watching over you and your family always.

Emily Wong

Wanda said...

Mike and family,
Praying you all have a good day filled with hope, faith and encouragement.
Wanda, Lawrence and Dezi

Anonymous said...

Mike, great to hear you are making progress. Still praying for a miracle and have only just (I'm a little slow sometimes) realized that a miracle comes in many forms and our Lord God decides to what extent the miracles progress. The first miracle being that he has allowed you to live and bless our lives even further. We are prayerfully waiting for more miracles.
Praying for other family members as well - it must be very hard for Steve to settle into his work when he wants to be here every minute. Steve and Lori we are praying for you as well.
Matt, Neil and Brenda may God Bless and give you rest.
Love you all, June

Jordan said...

Hey Mike
It's great to hear that you're out of the ICU and starting physio. I worked extra long hours this week so that I could take Friday afternoon off to go see you. I have some movies and TV shows for you too...I can guarantee that there's at least one you haven't seen yet. There's probably a lot of people there too, so I'll bring some subs for supper.

Take care and I'll see you in a few

Anonymous said...

Hi! We are thinking of you and praying as well. It is great to hear that you are doing better. Keep up the good work. Remember that if we have to, Mr. Franchuk and I (Mrs. Hannan) will come in and torment you like in Grade 7. We were laughing the other day about the matches incident in Grade 7. Take care and we are really cheering for you. Terry Hannan

Susan said...

You are prayed for every time God puts you on my heart...many times a day! I pray daily for you inner strength as well as your body. You are doing fantastic! It is so great to be able to log on and see the updates, you have a good family! Hi to cousin Neil and Brenda. Your humor will help you to get through each day. So glad that you are getting stronger.
Keep up the hard work.
Susan Hawkes from Vancouver Island

Anonymous said...

keep on getting better mike! Love reading your family's comments about your progress. and it's great that you can hear again!

Britney in MI

Juli Knofler said...

Hey Mike,
I am glad to hear that you are doing better. You are in our prayers.
Love, Juli and Family

Lori Barker said...

Hey Mike,

Hope you're having a good day. I'll be there on Sunday!! Can't wait to see you. I've missed you greatly. Love you.

your sis,

L said...

Hey Handsome,

Keep pushing through the moments of adveristy while drawing strength from the support of others, your families love for you and your undeniable humor.

In regards to your muscles, many of those originating in your forearm have insertion point around and on the fingers. Basically this means that isolating and strengthening those muscles will assist with finger control and movement.

Thinking of you often,

PS. Brenda - 913.5512 (I expect you to take me up)

Samar said...

hey mike
i just read your update, im really proud of you and your family for how positive you are staying, its awesome. im glad to hear that you are doing much better, and i never doubted your strength for a second. i believe that you are a really special person, and this is Gods way of making you even more special. so i just want you to know that i am praying for your recovery to go well. and i will sign in again soon. Keep it up buddy
Love ya! Sum

C.Peters said...

Hi Mike..
It sounds as though you are working very hard and making progress. We applaud your determination and will continue to pray that each day finds you stronger. Keep'working!
Love, Cindy and Wally