Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Highs and Lows

Today’s highs and lows:

The “high” was that Mike was actually hungry today! The idea of lasagne seemed to strike a chord and I agreed to go to the cafeteria to get him some. The “low” was that they were out and the “15–20 minute” wait turned into 50 minutes but it finally came and he ate every bit!

Another “high” was when Mike was able to take off his sock in physio. Sadly, the “low” was when he threw up! He continues to feel nauseous when moving around lots but he’s been able to keep things down (except for today) for the last number of days. We’ve tried a couple of different medications but we’ll keep trying to find something that works.

It’s a “high” to hear how much they love Michael on the unit but it was a “low” today when we found out that there will be no bed available at the Glenrose for at least a week or more. Mike is so anxious to get on with the next step of his rehab except that he does rather enjoy napping during the day, something he probably won’t get a chance to do when he moves!

It’s always a “high” when Mike finds another spot that he can “feel”. The last couple of days he’s been able to feel a spot below his ribs and also a spot behind his right knee. The “low” today was finding more spots on his grafts that are not healing. We will be so glad when his burns have completely healed.

It was a month on Saturday since the accident. The biggest “high” is knowing that Mike is still around and he’s still Mike. There are no “lows” about that!



Kels said...

Good to hear things are getting easier. We keep checking the blog daily and think about you and your family often.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, Hey family,
just saying hi, thanks for the stories of today. We check each day and love to hear what is happening. Good to hear about the spots that you are beginning to feel - will be praying about the skin graft healing. Love to you all,
Mary and family

Samar said...

Hey Mike
its samar, happy to hear that you got to eat Lasagne, but no hospital beats my Lasagne, i promise when you are up for more visitors i will bring you a steeming dish of it, i will watch you down the entire thing. so ya im really happy to hear that your doing so well, and i hope your birthday was as special as you are. keep on the recovering pal

Love you Sum

Laurie McDonald said...

Hi Mike:
It's always great to hear some highs with the "some lows", it helps me know how you are doing so I know what specifically to pray for (even though God knows already, He still needs us to go the extra mile to learn more about what he wants for us). It also helps me to know what to thank God for. I still can't fully grasp what you and your family go through each and every day, but your faith speaks more than I can say. No matter what happens to us in life, we always have a choice of how we are going to react to it, and those choices are how we (YOU) glorify God by impacting so many other people from those choices being made. Thanks for being strong and courageous and faithful, not only when you're having highs, but especially when you have those lows. ...And don't forget or be afraid to still be human, because God made you that way, so when you guys need the extra support and prayer, let us know, we'll be there. It's our job and we're glad for it.

Take good care, lots of love to you and your family,

Tabbeh-Cat said...

Sorry I havn't been keeping up with Mike Progress. But I have been thinking about it. (I've been doing a loto f studying at school and running around) I did however mention him and this blog spot address on MY website. www.freewebs.com/tabbehcatsterritory/ If that makes a difference. Glad to hear you're doing well Mike. Keep on Keepin' On.!

Anonymous said...

Mike we are so proud of your determination. We continue to pray for you throughout your days of "highs and lows". Let Gods strength continue to carry you through.
Love Nadine

Anonymous said...

Ps. 36:5a 6b -- "The Lord is the portion of my inheritance...I have a good heritage..." Thank-You for giving Michael Godly parents who have taught him about You, Father. Thank-You that they can support him in this, and get their support from You. They're not alone; You are with them. Help them to remember that. Be real to them, and let them feel Your presence during the low times.

Thank-You that Michael is able to eat more. Hopefully Fruit Loops (crazy as this is!) will be a lasting solution! Help him gain back the strength he has lost by not being able to eat much.

Continue giving him the courage and determination to work hard on his physio. Thank-You that his grafts are doing well. Heal those places that are giving trouble. Please open a bed in Glenrose at the right time so he can move on to the next step. Give him an extra dose of strength then too, because it sounds like he'll have to work twice as hard there.

A new "normal"...never thought of that before..."normal" has changed for them. But then, normal is just a setting on the dryer, right?! Give them ideas for new, efficient ways to do things. Lead them to the right people who can make things for Michael, or others who know about things that will help him.

Thank-You for hearing us, Father.

~Psalm 6:9~

DaveKerwin said...

I love the positive attitude floating around, lets keep this momemtum!

Man... working out and vomitting, I doubt I would have the strength! Keep it up Mike :)

Be strong and fight bravely.

C.Peters said...

Hi Mike...we're thinking about you, so glad to hear of your 'highs' and will continue to pray that your healing progresses daily. Let us know when you want a visit from your foot licking dog and we'll get him up there. :-)
Cindy P.

Anonymous said...

All of the highs, seem to out-do the lows, don't they? Praise God

Wanda said...

Hi Guys,
So glad to hear about the feeling spots. Praying they increase to 100%. A month already, wow. You guys have been amazing. Keep up the great work, towards recovery and for the Lord.
Lord, Thanks for helping moment by moment. Keep them all strong in your loving arms. May your purpose for all of this, be filled through them. Keep Mikes food down and spirits up. Heal his burns and continue to replace feeling. Amen
Lawrence Wanda and Dezi

Juli Knofler said...

Hey Mike,
Glad to hear you are continuing to do better! You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love, Juli

A&T said...

Dear Mike, Brenda/Neil, Mat & Steve,

This coming to you from A & T Construction and the staff of. This consists of Wade Tkachuk - Elaine Tkachuk - Brian Tkachuk - Cori Shelton Charest - Lorin Tkachuk and the rest of our staff. We talk of you guys often and wish the best for you.
Elaine says that in all of my therapy hours which consists of months and months altogether I found that the harder you push and the quicker you get at it is the most benificial to your wellbeing. I speak from experience. I know it hurts but you know the saying.......No pain no gain? In most circumstances this is the case unless Doc says otherwise.
We all wish we could help heal you and be done with it but it looks like their gunna make U do it the hard way. We have faith, Hon.
Today Wade is sick with broncitis (how do u spell that?) and has just finished with namonia a couple months ago. But you guys all figure your super men and don't have to wear proper clothes right MOM?
Its great to hear that you are getting feeling in different spots now, even if it is a painful feeling it could be a great thing eventually.

Talk to you soon.... perhaps next time Elaine wont be so hard on you.

Rieki said...

hey Mike
wow..of course there is always "lows" with the "highs"but the highs outnumber the lows! im so happy to see that your doing better!..its amazing news that your able to feel 'spots'..i'll continue praying that you'll get more 'spots' of feeling!..but i gotta go to my birthday supper and then to the bar!...im 18 now! wahoo!..lol..forever in my prayers
your number one fan
Rieki Scott

Scott - a designer? said...

Hey Mike,

There are a lot of kids supporting you out in Lac La Biche. My high for the week was finding out that I'm going to be able to see you this weekend. I'll stop by hopefully Saturday. I'm am so happy to hear that things are going better and that you keep finding new spots you can feel. I'm not much of a doctor but that seems like a hopeful sign. Anyways I gotta jet, talk to you soon mate, hang tough.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike and family,

It's awesome to hear that you haven't thrown up too much and Froot loops are magic right? I'll keep praying for the skin grafts and the move to Glenrose. You all are constantly in my prayers; keep hangin' in there!

In Christ,
Britz in MI

Psalm 139:1-6, 16

O LORD, you have examined my heart
and know everything about me.
You know when I sit down or stand up.
You know my every thought when far away.
You chart the path ahead of me
and tell me where to stop and rest.
Every moment you know where I am.
You know what I am going to say
even before I say it, LORD.
You both precede and follow me.
You place your hand of blessing on my head.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
too great for me to know!
You saw me before I was born.
Every day of my life was recorded in your book.
Every moment was laid out
before a single day had passed.

Tabbeh-Cat said...

“Life is not always a bowl of cherries. Sometimes it is very cruel, and only a very strong, determined person is mentally and emotionally equipped to overcome the hard knocks on experiences. Suffering and adversity often strikes without warning. This was true in the case of William, a steady, rather studious young man.
William became an excellent typist after only one year of training in this skill. In fact, he had achieved his personal goal in one year and obtained a position was a clerk-typist. As this was the extent of his ambition, he dropped out of college.
About a year later, William telephoned to say that he had lost the use of his right hand as a result of a automobile accident. In fact, he could not move his right arm at all. It merely hung down by his side in a seemingly lifeless manner. William had suffered a devastating experience, and some fundamental changes would have to be made +in his life-style to enable him to adjust to the grim realities that were facing him.
He wondered if it were possible for anyone to learn to type by using only one hand. Other handicapped individuals have achieved success in art, music, and other professions, so the answer had to be in the affirmative.
William’s eagerness astounded everyone. He was one of the first students to register for the fall semester. From a psychological, physical, and financial point of view, success was imperative. Learning the keyboard, inserting paper, and turning pages in a book were only the few of the minor obstacles facing this young man. The major problem was to develop speed and accuracy comparable to what others could do with two hands.
William requested approval to take a concentrated typing course, and in addition, requested permission to practice during a 3 ½ hour interval between day, and night classes. Permission was granted, and William practiced diligently and faithfully every single day. His diligence and determination paid off, and by the end of the school year, he passed a typing examination and got an excellent position.
At graduation, William received a gold medallion in recognition of his extraordinary courage and display of perseverance. This incident from real life should point out that a shattering blow need not destroy one but can be a stepping-stone to other goals. William proved the proverb that says, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” If William could learn to type at great speed with the use of only one hand, you can certainly learn to achieve your goals too if you proved and exert sufficient effort.”

Dear Mike-
I was doing a timed typing at school this morning, and this story reminded me of your situation. I thought this was rather encouraging to me and I hope it will be encouraging to everyone else and you as well. I think, no make that I know you have the “mental and emotional strength” to achieve any goal in your life ahead, and be better than ever. Keep your chin up and work hard, but not too hard, you deserve a little break too.
Tabatha Gallant

Anonymous said...

Mike and family

i am so glad to hear that you are getting your appetite back. and it is great to see how much progress that you are doing with physio and that you are feeling some of your body, and i will keep on praying for your grafing to heal and a bed to be available soon at Glenrose have a great week and weekend mike and family.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Its great to hear that your doing good and that your eating. Yeah frootloops are a great way to start the day and it kinda suits you just with the name. Its good to hear that your making the best of everything and you still have your fun attitude. It was good to get to see a picture of you, Im still waiting patiently for you to have more visitors, as soon as i hear that I'll be on my way to see you buddy.
Thinking and praying for you always,

l said...

Wishing you good vibes for the day M-Dawg. I hope you continue to find nausea soothers (lasagna), new 'feeling' spots and that your spark is always so bright.

Brenda, Niel, Steve, Mathew & Mike, thank you ALL for the updates. It is great to be able to hear of Mike's progress without having to throw repetative questions your way.

Thinking of you all,


l said...

Wishing you good vibes for the day M-Dawg. I hope you continue to find nausea soothers (lasagna), new 'feeling' spots and that your spark is always so bright.

Brenda, Niel, Steve, Mathew & Mike, thank you ALL for the updates. It is great to be able to hear of Mike's progress without having to throw repetative questions your way.

Thinking of you all,


Anonymous said...

For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.
Psalm 100:5

(10:20am in Michigan)

Anonymous said...

Hi Barkers,

Strawberries, Strawberries, Strawberry Tea, Strawberry Juice, anything Strawberry. Try it. Guaranteed to help with the nausea.

PS(I recieved a cute e-mail the other day....when life gives you lemons, get some taquila and salt and call your friends over)

I don't think that would HELP but good for a laugh!!!!!!!

C.Peters said...

Hi Mike..just thought you'd like to know that Max is growing hair at a rapid pace. Now if we could just do something about his attitude. He's a Pit Bull in a Pekinese body. hmmmm, sounds like someone else I know.
Wishing you a day of smiles...
Cindy P.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike

I’m glad you’re getting your appetite back, I’m looking forward to the days of too many LOST episodes and Greek salad.

Love ya

Susan said...

Hi Guys,
Thanks for keeping us informed thru the blog..what a great idea! Many people from our church (Bethel Baptist)are praying for you all, and I am thrilled that some of them are keeping in touch by reading your blog. You are a family that is sticking together and I know that God is the glue that holds you close. I am so happy that God has given you a few spots of feeling in the back of your knee and ribs. That is great! Little by little you are making progress in your healing! We continue to pray for your nausea and the skin healing properly.
Hang in there! You are supported by so many of God's people that you don't personally know. I find that thought so encouraging!
Praying for you all as you take it day by day!
God's Blessing
Susan Hawkes

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike and family: I have prayed for you all every day, and will continue to do so. ( Brenda, I have read your daily updates, and say a special prayer for you too. I marvel at your strength. )
p/a LLB