Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fruit and Donuts, A Winning Combination

Today was a good day for Mike, he got to eat some solid food. It mostly consisted of small pieces of fruit and some pieces of donut. Not bad for his first day on food. Mike was excited when I brought a DVD with TV shows on it for him today, so we spent some time getting caught up on Lost and Prison Break. It was weird when Mike tried to make sure that I was comfortable with my head over on his bed as I tried to watch Lost with him. He was trying to do all he could to accommodate me even while he was in pain and uncomfortable. I guess it just shows you what kind of a man Mike is.

Mike didn't have a great night yesterday, so somebody will be with him all night tonight. He was having some weird dreams and nightmares and likes having somebody there when he wakes up. His pain was decreased today... I think it was because of the morphine. The nurse explained to Mike that they want him to be free from pain and not just at a tolerable level. He asked for more pain meds and he was feeling a lot better today because of that I think. Hopefully we can get Mike on a cycle of medication that will free him from most of the pain that he is experiencing now.

Pray for increased strength for Mike as he continues his new diet as he will need strength for the surgery that will most likely take place on Thursday. They are going to be either fusing the bones in his neck or using a rod to secure all the bone fragments. This will prevent any re-injury and allow Mike to be taken off traction. We don't have many answers yet as to what exactly is going to happen on Thursday, or what the road to recovery looks like, but we do know that God is still in control and with our faith in him we don't have to worry.


Alanah said...

Hay im Alanah and i want you all to know i will pray for mike, wish you well.

JD said...


You probably don't remember me (or my wife Sara), but I think we met you at a McKernan C&C event once. And of course we know Matt. Anyway, we are praying for you, and your family.


Kirra said...

Hey Mike & Family/Friends,
I found your site from a webpage called the link is
I know that I haven't met you Mike but from everything I have read you are an amazing person! I know that God is watching over you. I will start and continue praying for you every step of the way. I hope that I hear more about you. I would hate to loose contact with such a wonderful person!
May God Bless you Mike, Family and Friends. Kirra K

Cory said...

Hey Mike,
I'm still praying for you and I plan to continue to do so. Sometime I hope to come down to Edmonton and see you in the hospital. I am planning to come down this weekend; I might just stop in. Since your birthday is coming up soon; I think I should pick you up something. Tell your parents what you would like. I'll leave my e-mail for them so they can let me know. I know I don't have to, but it's the least I can do. If you're wondering; I am still working at Extra Foods. Sad, eh? Theatre school wasn't for me. I just thinking in management at that store is better for me, LOL! But I hope to see you this weekend; I'll try to make it in. Take care Mike.

Cory Sowers

Chels said...


It’s so great you’re eating solid food. It wont be long now before were eating Greek salad and strawberry-rhubarb pie again!

Love you ~ see you soon

Jeremy said...

I am Jeremy- and we have a mutual friend. She directed me to this blog and man my heart and prayers go out for you.

Good things happen to good people and I know that soon all will be well and this bad injury will be a fading memory of the past.

Keep strong in the Lord my brother.

Trinidad and Tobago

Steve said...

Hye Man. I know those drugs can mess with your sleep, but at least they are trying to get rid of the pain.
Now with me not being there make sure you work Matt hard. Make him get you new ice every time...or fresh water or something like that.
You know I love you man. I'll be here to talk to after surgury.


Anonymous said...

You're at the top of my prayer list this morning. Your brothers have done a fabulous job of setting this up for you and made it so easy for us to contact you. Love Aunt Doreen - (again)

Lori Barker said...


So you're eating! It's the first step to getting out of there! Stay strong. I love you and you are always on my heart.

Your sis,

Nancy said...

Hey Mike,
It was SO good to see you yesterday & to spend some time with you at your bedside with Bren. You are looking great (and I mean that). It feels a little surreal still - this whole thing, but I can honestly say that it felt good to be next to you & feel a little of the healing that has already taken place. You simply cannot fathom the prays of people on your behalf. Let that strength carry you when you need it. I know how strong you are, but I have also witnessed the tender side, and I think you'll need both for this bump in the road. But everything you need for support you have. You have your family there, you have your friends. I know you are thankful for these things. And I know how wonderful it feels to have those you are closest to right at your bedside. (not only for those call outs for water!). I left encouraged yesterday. Thank you for allowing me to see 'you'. I love you Mike. xo Nancy

DaveKerwin said...

So was it a powdered donut fragment? If so, there better be a corresponding picture of the powdered face!

From the Lord:

An Old Testament cheer:
"Be Strong and couragous!"

1Kings 2:2b
"So be strong, show yourself a man"

2Timothy 2:1,3
".. be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. Endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus."

Psalm 27:14
"Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD."

So Mike.. Be strong, and fight bravely!

Chelsey said...

Mike ~

Only one hour until I leave to go to the airport, I’m so excited to come home!!! I want you to know that no matter how much fun I can have in India, sitting taking to you has always been and always will be the best times of my life.

~ See you Wednesday

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, hope that you slept better last night. And I wonder what flavor you will taste today? Hey, we are praying for your strength to be built up for thursday. I wonder what you are thinking in all of this? Know that many, many are holding you in prayer so that you are free to let go and rest - it is okay. Love from Vancouver, Aunt mary

lisa said...

Hey Mike and Family,

You don’t know me but I’m Mary and Tim’s niece and when I was little we used to go to Grandma and Grandpa Dickau’s farm in the summer. It was always the best time for me and I’m sure you and your family have had great times and memories there too. Of all those great times the one thing that sticks with me the most is how close the Dickau family always was and how strong their love for God will always be. I know that God is watching over all of you right now and is doing His work even through this pain. I know that there are great things to come because of this even though it might be hard to see them right now.

When I was about eight my dad was in this horrendous motorcycle accident and for a long time we didn’t know what would happen or when he would get out of hospital. We all prayed a lot and although it hasn’t been easy and it has definitely changed our lives it has also taught us so many things that we never would have known with out it. You and your family will be better for this. Pray more than you can imagine and when you’ve woken up from a dream or are scared about the future just pray. God will guide you. Be open to his guidance.

Finally, know that you are loved and that people all over this world are praying for you, your family and that your doctors will have the wisdom and knowledge to do what’s best. Have peace in your heart and trust in God and above all take it with a grain of grace, it’s like a spoon full of sugar – helps the medicine go down.

Lisa in Crossfield

lisa said...
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Jill said...


I'm a friend of Matt's and have been following this blog along with the rest of my small group. It's bringing us to tears sometimes just to read of the progress that you are indeed making. Small steps count- praise God!

Can't say I've ever watched "Lost" or "Prison Break" but if what Jordan and Matt say is any indication, it sounds like you'll be thoroughly entertained! Personally I think you should pick up a few episodes of "What Not to Wear," but that's just the girl in me talking.

Anyway, great to hear about your progress, and our prayers will not stop for you.


noreen said...

The Barker Fam,
My 'world' is praying for y'all ... and you are top of mind to many who do not even know you. This blogspot is a great idea and a perfect tool to share you with all in my world.

Recently I read 'The Horse & His Boy' from the Chronicles of Narnia. There is a point, near the end of the book, that Aslan makes to the boy & the princess (and maybe even to the horse, I can't quite recall) that reminded me that each of our stories are unique, directed by the Creator, and empowered by the Almighty so that we might really live.

No matter what our story develops to become, we each have a unique and beautiful story. I love looking at the Barker Family story, and each of you individually to see that the story continues as one with love, support, goodness, choosing strength, being God centered .... and one that is always attractive to others. Your family is incredible. You have loved and cherished others along the way, and it's cool to read how others love, cherish and support you.

You are cared for by many ... and my heart, mind and prayers are fixated on you all.


Anonymous said...


hey mike just wanted to say hi and glad to hear that you are eating lol. hope that you are getting stonger by each day and i will try to come and see ya this weekend after your surgery. and my mom said she that she tried to go see ya yesterday but she got lost lol no she got to a dead end in which all the doors were closed and no one was aroung and did not want to open them bc she thought alarms would go off lol. talk to ya soon

Sherraz Moghrabi

Jena & Richard Parsons said...

Hi Michael,

Mr. Parsons and I have been thinking about you and praying for you. I hope that you liked the card from all the teachers at JAWS. You have been in their thoughts. Stay strong. We are all rooting for you! Good luck with your surgery on Thursday.

Jena & Richard Parsons :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike...even a bite of a doughnut is a step towards getting better. Just let me know when you're ready for those decadent chocolate chip cookies and I'll get them to you. You remain in our thoughts and in our prayers.
With Love, Cindy and Wally

Anonymous said...

hi mike,

Doughnuts and fruit, oh yeah! Every little step is worth cheering for. And LOST is always good for the soul. lol. Have someone tape the three hr (1 hr. recap and 2hrs of new stuff)finale on Wednesday. You gotta see it.

*Stay strong and hang in there.* **God will get you through!**

In Christ,
Britney in MI

Marilee said...

Hey Mike and Family,
You don't really know me but I am a good friend of your cousin Leanne's and met you all at her most recent birthday. When she called me Wednesday afternoon I wanted to do all that I possibly could for your family and for Leanne's family. I sat at work just knowing that the most important thing that I could do to help anyone was to pray. I called my family right away and got this request on the prayer chain at Sherwood Park Alliance to get as many people as possible praying for all of you. So please be assured that the prayer warriors at our church, along with me and my family have you all in our prayers every single day.

As I know prayer is so important and is the key to healing both physically and emotionally and I pray for your family and I would like to ask for your prayers as well. A strikingly similar situation to Mikes happened to one of my best friends moms on Sunday afternoon. She was also in a serious car accident in which she fractured her C6 (I think). I called Leanne right away as I knew she would be the best person to talk to for me as she had dealt with it and it was so encouraging to hear the stories she had to say about Mike. We discussed both Mikes situation and the situaiton of my Friends mom and they are so similar that I thought Mike, you and your family freinds could be a great support to her family. I guess the point of my writing today is that I have been so incredibly blessed by what friends and family have had to say to Mike on this blog. I was wondering if I could pass some of these stories and scripture verses onto my friend Carlyn and her mom, Lori. As I sit here and read the love and support that freinds and family have given to Mike and your family, I can't help but want to pass that love on to my friend and her Mom. Do you think that would be ok? If you could let me know that would be awesome. You can e-mail me at anytime. No rush at all just whenever you get a spare minute, and I can share this encouragement with Lori and Carlyn.

And Mike, you sound like you have the MOST supportive family and friends that are willing to do anything for you in this situation. I have been so blessed to see what God is doing in your family and I continue to pray for you every single day. Take Care and God Bless!!

David B said...

Hey Mike, good to hear that you're eating actual food now, it's gotta be alot better than having the nothing. I'm comming in to the city next weekend, so I'll be stoping by to see how you're doing. Hope you got the grad video and hope you enjoy watching it. Remember that everyone in that video cares about you and can't wait until you get better.

David Booth

Anonymous said...


Hey mah brother from a different motha'.
It's good to hear that your eatin some solids these days. I've been thinkin alot about you these last few days, just want you to know If you need anything at all my girlfriend is in the city and I'll be in hopefully this weekend. So if you need anything just get someone to contact me and I'll do my best to get it for you.

Love you man.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike and Family

You don't know me (I am sure you have heard that a lot). I am Mary D's neice from Ontario. Aunt Mary has been keeping our family updated so that we can pray for you. I have been praying for you and I know that God is really working in your life and that He is going to do something really amazing with you. I will keep praying that God provides you and your family the necessary strength to go on day by day. I know that it is tough but when you fully trust in God, He gets you through in ways you don't even expect.
Keep seeking Him in everything.
God Bless,


Anonymous said...


First of all, I heard you think the nurses at the UofA are cute, but just WAIT until you start rehab and get to meet the occupational therapists-now those are the real cuties!

Congratulations on being upgraded to solid food-I've heard there is nothing worse than pureed beef and thickened water-although I did have a patient who tried to thicken his beer, but that was a bit of a disastor.

I'm going to offer you a little bit of "insider advice" from a rehab point of view:

1. Never crack a joke (especially if it is about your therapist) while they are helping you transfer, because you will most likly end up on the floor (yes, this has happened to me. no, I didn't lose my job.)

2. As cute as you are, most therapists don't come to work looking for marriage proposals...and trust me, we get plenty from the older fellas in long term care.

3. We will NEVER admit it, but we do have favorites...and if you work hard and are extra charming, you might be able to convince us to give you an extra hot pack or a muscle massage.

4. Therapy is hard and sometimes it hurts, but we are here because we love you and care about you, and seeing you improve in strength and in character is the best part of our job. Helping you to reach your goals is sometimes better than reaching our own.

I know you've heard this a million times Mike, but things happen for a reason, and I can guarantee that you will have as great as an effect on your therapists as they will on you-and I mean that in a good way:)

Sarah Booth

Lori Barker said...

I wanted to send my love to dad, mom, matt and of course you mike. I miss you all so much. Steve and I both are having a hard time being away from you at a time like this but our hearts are always close. We love you and will get to visit soon.

Mike your family is always here. our hearts overflow with love for you.

Love and miss you,
your sis Lori

Meredith said...

My name is Meredith and I'm a friend of Doug Geiger. Mike, I just wanted to say that, although I don't know you, I am thinking of you and hoping you have a good recovery. It sounds like you have a wonderful and supportive family, which is a precious thing. My thoughts are with you and your family.

John Wicker said...

Hello Mike,
John Wicker here. Just wanted to let you know again that the Wicker family is continuing to pray for you. We will be especially praying for your surgery on Thursday.

I am travelling down to the Detroit area this week so if there is anything that Steve wants to send up with me when I fly back to Alberta on Saturday let my folks know and they will let me know. I will be leaving the Detroit area on Friday evening to drive up to London for a flight Saturday morning. If Steve wants to contact me there Thursday or Friday, he could call SEND (our mission) at 248-447-4210, ask for Marcie and then she will know how to contact me.

Hang in there,
John Wicker

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
So, I am trying to convince my mom to let me skip school to visit you...but even if I don't get a chance, I will be there as soon as I can. I promise to bring you that gay teddy bear. Congratulations on the fruits and donuts-that's really impressive
Love: Ash

Dan said...

Hey Barker,

I've got a deal for you... I'll keep reading your blog, if you start reading mine.

I'm off to Europe to go to the world cup of soccer in Germany, with the ever crazy Sebastian Strick (not sure if you knew him). If you go to

you can keep track of my trip, as I keep track of your recovery. I'm back on July 10th, can't wait to hang out with you when I return.

(P.S. If anyone else reading this wants to check out my blog on my trip feel free to as well...)

Bye yall,

Dan the Beast

Anonymous said...

Hey Micheal

I know I don't really know you that well, but I do really enjoy when you come into universal and take an 20 minutes to get a movie haha and end up talking at the counter. It's great it see that things are slowly improving for you. And to see the amount of support truly reflects your amazing character. Your personality is infecious and everyone truly feels that if anyone was to get through this it would be you. You are in my prayers. My family and I send our prayers, love and support.
-Majeda (short thing you saw being beet up in the hallways by ash):)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Long time no talk. We used to ride the bus together in them younger grades. My dad works with your dad and he rushed me onto the computer to find this blog and to say that he wishes only the best for you and so do I, the whole family does!! You are in the papers here and on the news, you are famous up here in the Fort. Pretty crazy huh?

We all really hope you get to eat more donuts and real food. Mom said that hospital food, although not as tantalizing as a donut, will make you better.

Hope you have a speedy recovery.
Nicole St. Jean (FtMcMurray)