Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hospital Food Never Sounded So Good, But Maybe We Will Drink First!

Today was a good day. Mike was starting to drink more today. They have been worried about his lungs but his breathing has been good. He has been doing his breathing exercises and has stayed out of trouble. They told him this morning that he could drink anything he wanted and if someone would go get it he could even have a Booster Juice (a fruit smoothie). One of his buddies went down the street to get it for him. He was pretty excited to get something in his stomach. Almost too excited. He had about an inch of it and was full. He hasn’t ate for a couple days. He said he enjoyed it but should have probably taken it a little slower.

A couple of people got him an early Birthday present (June 12th). We figured he would love to watch some of his movies so we got him a portable DVD player. He LOVED it. He said he is excited to catch up on some of the shows he is missing, but Matt is going to have to record and burn them for him. As I’m typing this he has got the player propped up on a table and is watching “A Beautiful Mind”. It kind of washes out the mundane of the ICU.

The nurses have said that tomorrow they are going to be starting him on solid foods. His cousin actually works here at the hospital and got to prepare his meal personally. Sounds like oatmeal is on the menu! Praise God for this good news, and keep praying for him.


Anonymous said...

Hi mike

i am glad that you are doing better and going to be eating solid foods now that is a good sign. just wanted to say hi and hang in there hottie. and i like to say hi to the Barker family and hope that you too are well and are getting as much sleep and rest and mike is lol. you are all in my prayers.

mitch said...

hey mike,
candice prepared the food for u?

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike,
You do not know me but we are related. Your Great Uncle John talked to your Great Uncle Harry and we talked to your dad's cousin Joel.Then I talked to my Mom, your great Auntie Eileen and she then talked to your Aunt Connie.And it goes on and on. We don't know you personally but we are concerned for your health and wellbeing. We are praying for you and your family.
Good luck with your surgery today and know in your heart distant family members are thinking of you also. Yvonne Cutforth (Egeland)