Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sleep, sleep, sleep

Mike made up on a lot of sleep today. After dinner he was out. He woke up a couple of times. I was talking to him around 8 when I looked up for 30 seconds he passed out (not in a bad way). And I couldn't wake him again. He slept almost straight through till 11:30. Sleep is so good for him! He says it "hurts less".

It sounds like his break is in the C7 area as he has good hand movement with a little trouble touching his pinky. He is feeling a little nerve pain in his arms.

He is still holding up well. We took a couple pictures. But don't worry, he still has his smile.

He's awake but his eyes are closed
Eyes open

Please note that these pictures can be hard to see. View at your own discretion. Know that it is still the same Mike on the inside.


Twitch said...

I graduated with Mike from High School. He is one of the funniest, nicest, and warm-hearted person I have ever known. I remember him greeting me everytime I passed by in the hallways; I did the same for him. I have always had the outmost respect for him. There were times we didn't see eye to eye; but we managed to get along in the end. He and his family have my family's full support; and he will always be in my prayers and in my mind. All of your friends, Mike, are gonna be there for to support you. Even myself. We all care about you, Mike. I'll pray for you and your family. Get well soon, my friend.
From: Cory Sowers

Luke Elliott said...

Dear Mike
I know your brother from Grace Church and if you are a man of God like him you will be able to bear this great throne in your side. You will have daily struggles, but know God is at your side and so are many people. It is my prayer that you come through this great health crisis with more awareness of God's greatness.
Luke Elliott

Your sister said...


After seeing your pictures I must say you still have the Barker good looks and those looks are why I married into the family. I love you, hottie.


Tabbeh-Cat said...


I too graduated with Mike. I can see why he was one of the most liked people in our Grad class. He was funny, good looking, and generally a great, nice guy. I never really hung out with him, or talked with him for a long period of time, but the kindness was there. I hope you get well soon, and no serious conclusions will arise. With God in your heart and watching you I'm sure you will be up and running in no time. You have the Gallant Familys' Support ALL THE WAY!
-Tabatha Gallant

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

When i heard this i was in shock. I wish you all the best in your recovery. And will be praying for you.

Ryan Yurdiga

Don and Lynne said...

Michael and family
We are praying for your recovery. Our thoughts are with you and all your family. Evan hopes to get in to see you soon. God bless.

Lynne and Don

Anonymous said...

hey barkers,
this is a big!! hello from the Diesel's.
we are all holding you in our prayers and thoughts.we love you guys and know that God is great. it is good to hear that mike is still smiling(it's his trademark smile)thank-you for ALWAYS being so giving and allowing us to share whats in our hearts and stay connected to mike and his family through this.
love you,
Mr.&Mrs Diesel(buzz&mary)
Ps.if you need anything please let us know

Hayley (from calculus & McKernan) said...

I agree with Lori:
They're gonna have to do a lot more than break your back to take away your charm!

Even though, from now on, this will change a lot of WHAT YOU DO, we're just soo thankful to Jesus that He's allowed more time on this earth for everyone to enjoy WHO YOU ARE!

Get well soon, you betta believe the Holy Spirit is movin in your nerves and bones and heart and working all this for your good! keep up being STRONG and COURAGEOUS for the Lord our God is with you!!

Candace said...

Hey Mike!

Well I'm glad to hear you're still smiling! I hope to come and see you like everyone else! You have so many people praying for you! Even some people I know in Germany are too! My church here in Edmonton will be praying for you as well. You have so much support. Keep on smiling because the Lord is definetly with you!!!

My prayers are still with you,
Candace Glaubitz

Apryl said...

Glad to see you're smiling. It was definitely nice to see that smile each time I saw you over at your place.. even it was just in passing. :) I've been praying for you just about non-stop since I heard about everything. You have a huge number of people praying for you. And.. you have an amazing family, who are all behind you and love you so much. I'm sure you know that though! Stay strong, and keep smiling! :) I'd also have to agree with Lori. ;)


Anonymous said...

Dear Michael and Barker family:
We are so sorry to hear of your accident, and be assured of our prayers for you all. "The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace."
Russell & Virgie Mueller

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike...
You don't know me..But I know your Grandparents Glady's and LeRoy...I am a long distance cousin...and friend of the family...went to Sunday School with them in Wetaskiwin.
I live in Surrey BC..and I want to wish you all the best..and will keep you in my prayers..
God Bless you and your family..
Vivian Pruden....neeHammer...