Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mellow and Jello

Mike has had his share of ups and downs in the last couple days, and today felt like more of the same. He is in a different bed, one with a window that looks into the side of another building, and still in the same ward. While Mike is scheduled to move out of the ICU as soon as there is a bed available, he is receiving good care right now and is in no rush to leave the ICU. We also heard from another family going through a similar situation that the care in the other ward is not very good because the nurses are overworked. Mike is also on a waiting list for the Glenrose, but there is some concern that his burns have not healed enough for him to leave the UofA hospital. This may not be a factor as there is no room in the Glenrose right now, but pray that his burns would heal fast and that they would not keep him from moving to the Glenrose.

Mike was doing some physiotherapy today. They helped him exercise his legs and arms and were helped him as he began learning how to support himself as he does not have control of the muscles in his torso. They are pleased with what he can do now and are optomistic about the strength that Mike will be able to regain. It's still hard for MIke though as he tries to grasp his limitations. In the midst of these struggles, Mike's humour still shines through. Mom and him were laughing, to the point of tears, over JELLO. I wasn't there, and I really don't understand it either, but it is good to hear about moments of hysterical laughter. We all need those.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys!

Good to hear Mike started physio. It's definitely good to get going with life as soon as you all possibly can. We're always thinking and praying for him and for you too Matt, this must be hard for you as well. Mike is pretty lucky to have a brother like you.

Tell your mom and dad Hi from us as we hold you all dearly close to our hearts. God Bless and can't wait to hear some more good stuff from the Blog.

David & Laurie McDonald

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, hysterical laughter over the simplest things REALLY helps!

Glad you're getting good care in your ward, Michael.

Tho' we don't comment all the time, we're thinking of you, checking this blog a lot, and always praying for you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mike, Brenda, Neil, Matt and Steve,

You don't know me, Mike, but I know your mom and dad. My daughter, Leslie Grover, has taken piano lessons from your mom and she was a couple of classes behind you in JAWS and has seen you around last year. We have been following your healing progress through this website, always with great anticipation to hear some good news. I feel like I have gotten to know you and your brothers a little bit through this website. I am greatly humbled by the strength and courage you and your family are showing throughout rhis difficult time. Please stay strong and keep fighting and get better. I can't say it better than a German poet named Herman Hesse: (roughly translated) "Against the infamities of life there are 3 weapons: courage, stubborness and patience. The courage makes you strong, the stubborness is for fun and the patience gives you peace." I think you will need all of these three weapons right now and put them to good use. You might not get fun out of the stubborness right now but you can use it to get you through this tough time. Our thoughts are with you and you are in our prayers. Get well!

Gitte Grover

Anonymous said...


i am glad to hear that you are still the same old mike we all know and love. keep up the good physio and keep on smiling and laughing, take care see ya soon have a great day


Anonymous said...

Hi guys, Mike we are excited you have started physio and Chris and I hope we are able to see you really soon. We love you and are daily praying for your recovery. Stay strong in the Lord. Love nadine

David B said...

JELLO? Like the Bill Cosbey JELL-O? That sounds...well it sounds like you're getting better if you can make jokes outa JELL-O. Keep up with the therepy and remember to take some advice from John Locke, that noone can tell you what you can't do.


julie-anne said...


JELLO makes me laugh too. The way that it wiggles and jiggles. It is making me giggle right now. Oh fun times with J-E-LL-O.

By the way, that is quite the attractive picture. You guys look like you're having fun.

Praying for you,


Anonymous said...


I just can't help but ask about your sanity when that pic was taken?? Is there any?? lol

My prayers to the family,

Britney in MI

Anonymous said...

hey mike,

glad to here that you started physiotherapy. Keep on getting stronger, never frown, and, in the words of Bob marley:

!no te preoccupes, se feliz! (espanol)
'No worries, Be happy'

In Christ,
Britney in MI

Anonymous said...

Hey mike,

Hang in there. Never give up on what God can and plans to do with your life. Stay strong!

In Christ,


PS- think of everyone who checks in on you daily, especially if you make the switch to the other ward. 950 nurse-like people, hopefully we aren't bothering you!!

Anonymous said...

its really good to hear that Mike is getting better. I'm still praying that those burns heal up fast. always in my prayers,
p.s. thats one HOTT picture you got there!!

Anonymous said...

Optimistic Blessings on you all.
Still praying and trusting for great things. Keep fighting the good fight with that positive attitude. Laughter is always good medicine. You deserve a large dose.
Love, Wanda, Lawrence and Dezi

Anonymous said...

you guys seem so hilarious!