Sunday, May 21, 2006

Support From a Friend

An old friend of mine has set up a paypal account to help with cost Mike may incure. If you are interested please visit (top right side of the page). Thanks Doug.


Phil Matous said...

Hey, Steve,
We've prayed for Mike, You and your family and the driver of the truck all weekend at the leadership retreat. Your brother is very handsome. It must run in your family. We love you guys and praying for a quick recovery. Look forward to seeing you back in Detroit when time is appropriate.

Don and Lynne said...

Hi Michael
Evan and I appreciated seeing you on Monday. Your welcoming spirit and you and your family's strong faith was an inspiration to us. We continue to think of you and pray often for you.
Don Lynne and Evan
P.S. to the brothers
thanks for keeping us so well updated on Michael's progress

George and Barbara Ann Wicker said...

George and Barbara Ann Wicker
Mike and the rest of the family. We continue to pray for you. We are very happy that you have so many friends and individuals that care about you. May God continue to give you his peace even though we and Im sure you cannot begin to understand the "Why" of it. With our love.

Paradox said...

Fund Update: $90.61 as of 9pm 5/27/06

Doug Geiger said...

$335 as of 5/31/06