Friday, May 19, 2006

Mike's Words

It took a while to find him today as they had moved him over night. He moved from his private room to one with three other people. He said that last night one of the other patients was having some kind of seizure and he was so curious! He was said he was annoyed that he couldn't look. Curious Michael!

He said that today he is pretty sore and that it was only today that he realized that his whole body had been beaten up. He said he was kind of glad he couldn't feel anything other than his arms or he could feel a lot worse.

We printed off some pictures of him with family & friends. He liked them. We also read some of the comments to him. He said that they meant a don't stop sending them!

He is doing pretty well. Keep him and his pain in your prayers.


Susan said...

Hi, Michael,
We got the address today at the church for this, thanks a lot to Steve for sending it. You've got a whole bunch of people praying for you here, and our thoughts are with you constantly.
We love you. Susan for the Hau family.

David B said...

Hey Mike

When I first heard you were in the hospital I was worried, but then I heard you were still acting just like normal Mike so I just know that you'll be able to heal fully soon. I'll come up to visit you as soon as I can.

David Booth

P.S. - I finally watched The Ultamite Showdown, and although it is pretty great, I have to agree that The End of The World is much better! ;)

Scott - a designer? said...

Hey, Mike and Family

I made a couple of images for Mike if you would like to see them go to

I hope he likes em.


Maybe ill put one of them on a T-Shirt to give to him later or something.

Get well soon

Anonymous said...

hey angello
i feel so scared for you man but a am wishing the best for you everyday man and hope you will be fine.

Jeff D. said...

Hi Michael & Family,
It was good to see that even though I couldn't imagine what you are going through, you are still you lively and entertaining self. I am constantly thinking about you Mike, and I hope for the best. I will see you again as soon as I can.
love ya man,

Anonymous said...

Hello Michael,
When we first heard the news we thought it was quite shocking that something can happen in the blink of an eye that can change you so significantly. However, we know you're always going to be Mike and nothing can change that. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Remember, God always heals it just might be in a different way. Stay strong, and don't give up hope.

-Natalie Cloutier and Janna Hau

(2 future nurses!!! let us know if you need any assessments or assistance...if you know what we mean hehehehe)

Wicker Family said...

Michael and family,

We really appreciate having access to this blog so that we can keep up to date with what is happening. We have been hurting with you and praying for you ever since we heard what happened. Please know that we think about you and care about you a great deal.

Brenda, Joanne is covering everything regarding worship stuff at the church so you don't need to think about that at all. If you need anything done at your house (lawn, etc...) please just let us know what we can do.

We will pray for you as you deal with eveything including eating hospital food.


The Wicker family (George, Barbara Ann, John, Sharon, Rob, Joanne and a bunch of Wicker kids.

Robin D said...

Hey Mike,

First hearing about you in the hospital had me quite worried. But the Barker I know will be able to heal completely, jokin the whole time too. My thoughts are with you, heal soon man.

Robin Deschambeau

Shelly Booth said...


Like most people I don't know what to say. I'm sure there are alot of emotions going up and down. I believe that the one constant thing is God's love and care - especially through others. I hope others can brighten your day as you have often done. I too believe that you are a fantastic person and wish to help you or your family in any way. When you're able, we'll find some dirt cups for you and the family.

Take care with love Shelly

Anonymous said...

Hello Michael..we want you and your family to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. One of the many things we know and love about you Michael is your mighty spirit...something you and Max share....keep will help the healing...
With love, Cindy and Wally

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
I just wanted to tell you that my mom and I think about you every day and pray for you constantly. I'm so glad that your spirits are high but it doesn't surprise me because you are one of the strongest people I know. I will come and visit you next week. Take care.

Lauren L.

Marilynn Coli said...

Dear Michael,
From the moment I heard of your terrible accident,you and your family have constantly been in my thoughts and my prayers. It has been "deja vue" for me thinking about you, Micheal. I believe God works in mysterious ways and that only he knows what is to happen with you. I pray walking and full use of your limbs is in that plan. If not, he will give you courage & strength.God bless&keep you well. Marilynn Coli

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike and the rest of the Barker family.

Ever since I heard what happened I have it cross my mind every day. I can only sympathize with you as you go through this tying times. Hanna, Darwin, Sarah and I all wish you a speedy recovery and wish you the best in your future.

Your high school chemistry teacher.
Richard Cadieux

kent said...

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to say that we are all praying for you and hpingthat you can getbetter soon. When I heard that my cousin was in a serious car crash I thought that it couldn't be true. When I saw you I felt better because you were still acting like your old self. Hope you get better soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Im so glad to hear that your are doing well and making progress, I was so shocked to hear what had happened. I pray for you and think of you daily. Miss you lots and hope to see you soon so we can laugh and joke like we use to.

ps. Mr.& Mrs.Barker
My prayers go out to you also, it must be hard to see your son go through so much but from what I have read Im glad to see the family is keeping strong.

Love Sheera Jacknife