Sunday, May 28, 2006

(Painful) Progress

Just a quick update of Mike's day:

Mike's fever seems to be under control and the doctor's don't think his burns are showing any signs of infection. They will still watch closely, but have reassured us that Mike's temp now is normal for him.

He was sitting up in the afternoon today and got to go out and see some of the people that aren't allowed in the ICU. It was good for him, but at times it can also be draining. The doctors really want him to start sitting up more and getting used to that again. He does not need to wear the neck brace at all times now because there is no fear of him re-injuring his spinal cord. His neck is very sore and most neck movement results in pain, but he does need to exercise and stretch those muscles. Pray that he can do this with less pain than he was feeling today.


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt!

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear Mike is getting around. We'll keep praying for decreased pain and increased movement everywhere. We'll also keep praying for you, Steve and your mom and dad for strength, courage, patience, and all those other great human qualities we all seem to run low on now and then. It was good to see your dad in church today. We're all with you in thought and prayer. Take care for now, and we love you guys lots.

David, Laurie & kids McDonald

Susan Hawkes said...

HI Barker family,
I just heard about the accident yesterday and have praying for Mike and family ever since! God moves in miraculous ways and He always hears our prayers. I talked to Wanda Unger, our Pastors wife and asked them to pray for you as well, and they are. I am Neils cousin, Susan (Eunices and Al's daughter) your needs will be going through our prayer chains and we have seen many miracles. Probably 10 years ago a young man about Mikes age, dove into a shallow lake and broke his neck, he was airlifted to Vancouver and was pronounced a quadrapheligic. We did 24 hour prayer vigils with people signing up to take a 15 min to an hour portion of time, the end result is that John is walking and living a normal life and was married 2 years ago and just last week had his first addition to their family, a 9 pound baby! Anything is possible with God!!! I truely believe this and I know your family does as well! I don't think it is coincidence that he just had this baby, it is a sign of hope!
We are praying for you and we love seeing the pictures. May God give you the grace to get through this trial.
All our love,
Susan, Rob and family

Lana said...

Wow. It's hard to express just what i'm thinking right now.

Mike, Keep your palms outstretched. That way you can recieve all of the blessings, love and wellwishes we all have for you! and you can share everything else.

In Peter, He talkes about thanking God for every remembrance of you. So today I thank God for you.

1) For the Miracle of the life that he has given you.
2) For the positive attitude he has given you.
3) For the Family and Friends that you have been blessed with.
4) For the ability to hear, the ability to see, and the ability to smell (especially for the side ability to taste doughnuts, booster juice, and all the other treats you are getting to enjoy)
5) That although your body is currently broken, your spirit and your mind are not.

So I thank God for these things, and for you. and I pray for you.

1) That no matter the circumstance, that you will feel His presence, and the PRAYERS surrounding and uplifting you.
2) That He will take the pain.
3) And that His strength and love will overwhelm you and your family.

Hopeing that you will see sunshining in your windows today. Thank you for reminding us to treasure each moment.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike
I woke up thinking about you like I have done so many times in the past week.(just one more time to petition the Lord and have fellowship with Him)
We praise the Lord that you are allowed to sit up now -- sometimes a change can just give you a boost --even though it plays you out.We'll pray that your muscles will strenghten and that you will not have pain.
When my husband died--(years ago now)--the scripture that I claimed -- and that carried me through was Psalm 139.God knows everything about us -He knows our thoughts--the path ahead--He goes before us and behind us--He blesses us-- He is always with us no matter where we are--nothng can keep us from Him. He made our delicate bodies--everyday counts with God--each one is recorded in His book.Then David asks God to search and know his heart.
This Psalm spoke to me--that He cares deeply --and that He wants us to tell Him our innermost thoughts (and He heard alot of those from me)--and to trust Him with our future.He loves us so much!I can honestly say that He never let me down.
We pray that you will be able to put your cares at rest with Him as you go through this journey.
Praying for you and your family!
Margo Z. (cousin to your Mom)

Debbie K said...

Dear all

I've just heard about Mike's accident. I will obviously join in with all the prayers. God moves in mysterious ways and we will never understand why bad things happen until we get to heaven. What wonderful children you have Neil & Brenda. Obviously over the years I've heard lots about them but it's still wonderful to hear their faith shining through these pages. All our love, Dale & Debbie Kryvoblocki (friends in England)

Pat said...

Still praying for all you guys....

Stay strong

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike you may not remember me but I remember you from when I worked at Dr. Swift. You do know my Children though. I just want you to know that we are thinking of you and praying for you and your family to remain strong. Her is a poem for you and your family

When you're Unsure of what's Ahead

Steady your steps with faith, set your eyes on hope, and remember the important thing is to move... Let your heart lead you forward, let your dreams keep you going, and don't ignore the little joys along the way...If get weary or discouraged, if you feel lonely, remember this: Life is your friend; and somebody cares about you.

Mike lots of people care about you as you can see it with all the prayer's that are being sent your and and we also care.

Shawnene, Kyle and Kayla Lavallee

Jordan said...

Hey Mike
It's good to hear you're getting around. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers every day.


Julie-Anne said...


I am soo glad to hear that you are doing better. And you were sitting up!! That is Awesome!!! God is AMAZING. WOW. Keeping going and don't give up. I am rooting for you and I know that you can get through this with God help. You really are an inspiration to me in how you are still trying and not giving in. Way to go!!!

Mike's Family:

I just want to say thanks for the updates. I live in Ontario and don't talk to my Aunt Mary as often as I would like. This blog really helps me when I pray for Mike, in regards to the specifics of what to pray for. I am sure that it is not easy broadcasting all your personal feelings on such a public place or each day having to update people on what is going on in your lives and in Mike's life. God has granted you His strength to accompany the amazing strength you already have as a family and as individuals. Do not forget to rely on His strength because that will get you through this. You are and amazing family and I pray that this only brings you closer together.

Mike & Family:

I find that when I am going through trials in my life one verse continually comes to mind. That is Psalm 34:19
"A righteous man may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all".
As I was reading that verse I glanced at the 2 verses that preceeded it and I believe that you are meant to hear these as well.
Psalm 34:17-19
"The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. A righteous man may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all"
I pray you find encouragment in these verses and that God will speak to you through them.

God Bless,

Praying for you in Ontario,

P.S. If you have any questions or comments regarding this or and of my other posts, please feel free to email me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barker clan,

You are all amazing. I think that the amount of cohesiveness and stick-to-it-iveness that you all display are a lesson to all of us that even in the roughest of patches, there is something beautiful to be seen.

I came to this site because I'm actually a friend of a friend - and I'm glad I did, because like I said, your genuine regard for Mike and each other is sincerely touching. I do wish each and every one of you warmth, strength and good things.

On a more pragmatic note - you said you are at the U of A, so if you find yourself getting bored, just request an Artist on the Ward - they'll do poetry, paint/draw, or sing/play an instrument for you, and all of the Artists are amazing. I know because I sang/played piano as part of this program up until last month, so I got to meet some of the Artists - so I can assure you, you'll be in good hands.

Wishing you all good thoughts and inner strength,

Shawna P.

Anonymous said...

mike and family

that sounds great i hope that monday goes just as well hang in there buddy, and rest up. have a great day


David b said...

Hey Mike

Keep on streching those muscles and working on sitting up in the chair. Remember that everyone posting here is always behind you whenever you need help, and will be your strength when you feel weak. Just keep working to get better and things will work out.


Tabbeh-Cat said...

Hey Mike;
Keep on Keepin On!

Alyssa Barker said...

Hello Micheal, Brenda, Neil, Steve and Matthew!

Today was the first time I have seen this blog and I think that it is pretty amazing. Steve and Matthew you are two wonderful brothers and have done everyone such a service by posting all this information and your feelings. I am so sorry that I have not been able to come and see your family. Although considering the support shown on this page I can see that you have tremendous shoulders to lean on right now. Micheal, I pray that you will grow even stronger through this - because God knows that only the trully pure in heart will be able to make a situation like this a blessing.

Hope you all have a good day today!
Love Josh and Alyssa

Lori Barker said...

Good Morning Mike,

I am praying that you will have a good day and that God will continue to give you the strength you need to get through the healing process. I love you.

Your sis,
Lori Jean

Lauren Wells said...

im glad to hear your reconvering..your still in my prayers..have a good day. God Bless
Love Lauren Wells

Cindy Peters said...

Dear Mike and Family
You are in our thoughts..we wish you moments of peace..Mike, you have always had a spirit we can all learn from, you are loved by so many...wishing you reasons to smile today.....

Scott - a designer? said...

Im glad to hear there is progress. Mike is one tough son of a gun. Must have been nice to go out for a little bit even with the pain. Anyways we are all pulling for you mate. I want to see some bulging neck muscles the next time I see you.


Wanda said...

I'm sorry to hear about the pain. That can get really old, fast.
Maybe a bad joke will at least make you smile. It works for the people at our Bible Studies.
There's a blond(of course} putting money in a coke machine, loonie after loonie. There's piles of coke cans all around her feet. A man watching finally says " What are you doing?" She says " da! I'm winning!"
Praying like crazy for you! And expecting God things! Wanda, Lawrence and Dezi

Anonymous said...

Hey Barkers
You all amaze and inspire us. I heard Neil speak in church yesterday and I was so moved. I have not heard such proclaimation of faith in the midst of pain in my life. It is without doubt that I say this, You will be used to do great things - all of you. God is so evident in your lives. May He Bless you all. We will continue to pray for complete healing for Michael, and for continued faith and strength for all of you. Much love to you.
Lorrie and Ken Zachkewich

nancy fish said...

I "made a donation" so you can see XMenIII when you're feeling up to it! xo Nancy

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

I just wanted to let you know that I've been praying for you, my family is praying for you, and so are my grandparents. Getting to know you and your family a little during Easter was really good, and even though we only talked a bit here and there, i could tell you're a great guy. I doubt that has changed. I'd like to be able to say something encouraging, something to lift your spirits when they're down....but I don't know what that would be exactly. From what I know through the posts that your family has provided, you sound like you are handling things admirably, and that in itself is a blessing to me. I'm reminded not to complain about super dumb things like getting a pimple on my nose or something.
Anyway, I'll keep praying for you and your family. more thing. When I heard about your accident I was reading a book called "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn. It's a wonderful book that uses what the Bible says about heaven to help us more clearly imagine what it will be like there, and to become more mentally prepared to go there one of these days. Reading that and hearing about your car accident made me really think about how much of a shadow this life is compared to what's in store for us in the future. I guess what I'm trying to get at is this: as rough as things are right now, in the end, things will be better than ever and no matter what, we'll always have that to look forward to.

So i guess I'll get going here. Thanks again to the Barker Family for having me over for Easter dinner, that made my weekend significantly better than it would have been, and i'll keep praying for all you have you.

Talk to you later,

Jill said...

Hi Mike!

I'm reminded as I look outside to the undecided sky and dark drifting clouds to pray for you.

Tonight my small group meets again, and you will be on our minds and in our prayers.

I hope you're an Oiler's fan- you should get Matt to record the Stanley Cup Finals- we're almost there! Woo!

Brittney Hawley said...

Hey Mike,

It's Brittney, you may not remember me but I was at Lauren's house when Chelsea had her birthday there. Glad to hear you're doing better and I hope that under the circumstances that everything else keeps on moving along well. Just remember that you're a great guy and even though I only met you once, you put a smile on my face when you were texting me while I was in the doctors office, and you still do. Hope everything goes well.. and I'll keep in touch!


Anonymous said...

Mike, its really good to hear that your getting better everyday. I'm happpy to hear that you can now sit up and you dont need that neck brace anymore.
God never closes a door without opening another one. he has a plan for everyone.
your still in my prayers. get better. we love you.

Jeremy Clevette said...

Good to hear you got up and about.

Anonymous said...

this weekend, i kept thinking over and over how God makes us grow with the situations we go through in His plan. He lets us choose, either curl up in a ball and cry for yourself (which everyone does at some point its only natural) Or you can grow through it and just let him lead you by the hand to where he wants you to be. I find it totally amazing how mike still has his huge smile...if i were put in that situation i would need, well i can't even imagine. I just wanted to say that you were an inspiration an i'm praying for you :)nr
God Bless

Anonymous said...

i dont know if Mike will get this or name is Rieki Scott and i attended part of my grade nine year at JAWS... i met mike one night while working Bingo for the local football team... i was working for my brother... he was one of the most cheerful and friendly was so easy to talk to him and we hung out the rest of the night...he even let me be the one to get up and go sell the tickets...not that i wanted to... it was fun..and he smelled good... at school i always looked forward to see him coming down the hallway...with that smile of his..there was no way that you couldnt smile back...or wave... he always waved whenever we passed each other... anyways i found this site through a friend of mine and i thought that i would write...i just wanted to let Mike know that he is in my prayers...even if he doesnt remember me... i dont know if Mike can access a computer yet...i know he will eventually...but i would like to hear from him if and when he email is i can possibly do anything...anything at all...dont hesitate to ask!..ill try my best... God bless you all...

Anonymous said...

there is a meaning for this all. God takes the bad and evil in this world and turns it for good. trust and glorify him. jesus is the way the truth and the LIFE

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda, Neil, Steve, Lori, Matt and Mike.
You are one special family and we are so blessed to be a part of your lives. Even though this crazy distance keeps us from actually seeing you all, you are in our hearts, on our fridge and in our prayers always. Thanks for this great update sight - I'm enjoying reading through it all. Thanks for taking the time to phone Brenda and keep me in touch. We love you guys and know that even though we don't know "why' we trust with you for grace to go through each moment. Praying for healing that's amazing and miraculous. Love, The Bekkers

Anonymous said...

Hey mike,

As repetitive as it sounds,
stay strong and hang in there. God will get you through.

My prayers to everyone,

Britney in MI